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Bush: “Madman with a razor blade in his hand”

Posted by terres on October 30, 2007

”It’s not the best way to resolve the situation by running around like a madman with a razor blade in his hand…” ~ [Putin on BushCo’s gunboat diplomacy]

Bush and “World War III”

By Ralph Nader

Mired in the disastrous Iraq quagmire, opposed by a majority of Americans, George W. Bush has reached new depths of reckless, belligerent bellowing. At a recent news conference, he volunteered that he told our allies that if they’re “interested in avoiding World War III,” Iran must be prevented from both developing a nuclear weapon or having “the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.”

To what level of political insanity has this Washington Caesar descended? Only two countries can start World War III—Russia and the United States. Is Bush saying that if Russia, presently opposed to military action against Iran, persists with its position, Bush may risk World War III? If not, why is this law-breaking warmonger, looking for another war for American GIs to fight, while his military-age daughters bask in the celebrity lime light?

Why is he using such catastrophic language?

Surely he does not think Iran could start World War III. His own intelligence agencies say that, even assuming that the international inspectors are wrong and Iran is moving toward developing the “knowledge” of such weapons, it can’t build its first such weapon before 3 to 5 years at the earliest.

Why would a regime ruling an impoverished country risk suicide, surrounded as it is by countries armed to the nuclear teeth, such as Israel and the United States? This nation of nearly 80 million people hardly needs to be reminded that the U.S. overthrew its popular premier in 1953, installing for the next 27 years the brutal regime of the Shah.

They recall that President Reagan and his Vice President, George Herbert Walker Bush urged, funded and equipped Saddam Hussein in his invasion of Iran—a nation that has not invaded any country in over 250 years—which took around 700,000 Iranian lives.

Moreover, the undeniable historical record shows that U.S. companies received licenses from the Department of Commerce, under Reagan, to ship Saddam the raw materials necessary to make chemical and biological weapons. Saddam used such lethal chemical weapons, with the tolerance of Reagan and Rumsfeld, on Iranians to devastating effect in terms of lives lost.

Then George W. Bush labels Iran a member of the “axis of evil” along with Iraq, ignoring a serious proposal by Iran in 2003 for negotiations, and shows what his language means by invading Iraq.

The authoritarian Iranian government is frightened enough to hurl some defiant rhetoric back at Washington and widen its perimeter defense. Seymour Hersh, the topflight investigative reporter for the New Yorker magazine has written numerous articles on how the crowding of Iran, including infiltrating its interior, has become an obsession of the messianic militarist in the White House.

The Pentagon is more cautious, worrying about our already drained Army and the absence of any military strategy and readiness for many consequences that would follow Bush’s “bombs away” mentality.

Then there is the matter of the Democrats in Congress. After their costly fumble on Iraq, the opposition Party should make it very constitutionally clear, as recommended by former New York Governor, Mario Cuomo in a recent op-ed, that there can be no funded attacks on any country without a Congressional declaration of war, as explicitly required by the framers of our Constitution.

But the Democrats are too busy surrendering to other Bush demands, whether unconstitutional, above the law or just plain marinated in corporate greed. Some of this obeisance was all too clear in the Democrats questioning of Bush’s nominee for Attorney General, Michael B. Mukasey.

After the two days of hearings, no Democrat has yet announced a vote against Mukasey, even after he evaded questions on torture and argued for the inherent power of the President to act contrary to the laws of the land if he unilaterally believes he has the inherent constitutional authority to do so.

This position aligns Mukasey with the imperial views of Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft and Gonzales on the “unitary Executive.” In short, reminiscent of the divine right of Kings, the forthcoming Attorney General believes Bush can say that ‘he is the law’ regardless of Congress and the judiciary.

After two recent lead editorials demonstrating its specific exasperation over the Democrats’ kowtowing to the White House, the New York Times added a third on October 20, 2007 titled “With Democrats Like These…” The editorial recounted the ways Democrats, especially in the Senate, have caved on critical constitutional and statutory safeguards regarding the Bush-Cheney policies and practices of spying on Americans without judicial approval and accountability.

Accusing the Democrats of “the politics of fear,” the Times concluded: “It was bad enough having a one-party government when the Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. But the Democrats took over, and still the one-party system continues.”

There is more grist coming for the Times’ editorial mill. Last week, the first African-American chair of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, Charles Rangel (D-NY), declared that Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, Jr., fresh from Wall Street, had persuaded him, during a decade of increasing record profits, to lower the porous corporate income tax rate from 35% to 25%.

“We can live with that,” Chairman Rangel declared.

Would the working families in his District, who would be paying a higher tax rate on their modest income, agree?

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A Message from Kevin Annett

Posted by feww on October 29, 2007

Hi to everyone,

So, things are shaping up nicely for a three day stay by me in London, from Monday October 29 to Wednesday October 31. During that time I hope to give talks on our recent breakthroughs in the campaign to expose genocide in Canada, and show our film on crimes in residential schools, UNREPENTANT.

Here’s what’s scheduled so far:

1. Oct. 29 – 1 pm: Speak in Social Work class at Univ. of Western Ontario
4 pm : drive to Windsor for a 7 pm lecture at Univ. of Windsor

2. Oct. 30 – 11 am: arrive back in London, I’m free until a 7 pm film showing of UNREPENTANT and lecture at Medix school, 1299 Oxford St. E.

3. Oct. 31: I’m free all day, until another 7 pm showing and lecture at the Medix school.

The following day, Thursday November 1, I plan to go to Hamilton, and then to Toronto on November 2.

Please let me know if you can help hold other gatherings anywhere in London during the daytime of Oct. 30 and 31, and otherwise I hope to see you at one of the scheduled events.

Many thanks,

Kevin Annett
pager: 1-888-265-1007

ps: Here’s the link to our film UNREPENTANT, if you would like to circulate it to others to promote our work and my venues:

(I’ll be bringing copies of the film and my books with me.)

Read and Hear the truth of Genocide in Canada, past and present, at this website: … and on this radio program: “Hidden from History”, every Monday from 1-2 pm (PST) on CFRO 102.7 FM ( (Vancouver)

“When the desire for Truth and Virtue becomes the only bias in our mind, only then can we know in ourselves what is right.” ~ Peter Annett, Humanist and dissident, 1769 (jailed and persecuted by the Church of England for his questioning of the Bible and the church)

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Posted by terres on October 26, 2007

Originally published by MSA News, March 20, 1998



by Francis A. Boyle
Professor of International Law
In Honor of the Tenth Anniversary of the Intifadah, Gaza City, Palestine – 13 December 1997

I would like to propose publicly here in Gaza, Palestine–where the Intifadah began ten years ago at this time–that the Provisional Government of the State of Palestine and its President institute legal proceedings against Israel before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague (the so-called World Court) for violating the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.   I am sure we can all agree that Israel has indeed perpetrated the international crime of genocide against the Palestinian People. The purpose of this lawsuit would be to demonstrate that undeniable fact to the entire world. These World Court legal proceedings will prove to the entire world and to all of history that what the Nazis did to the Jews a generation ago is legally similar to what the Israelis are currently doing to the Palestinian People today: genocide.
In other words, Palestine would be able to claim in its World Court Application against Israel that the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian People commenced with the Zionist war, conquest, ethnic cleansing, and occupation of 1948–“the beginning of the conflict,” to use the precise words of the World Court itself. Indeed, in the Bosnia case I already successfully argued to the World Court that ethnic cleansing is a form of genocide.

Read more…

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“A Fascist Nation of Human Rights Violations”

Posted by terres on October 23, 2007

New Zealand Must Stop Repression of Maori!

by Harry Saloor
The Management School of
Restorative Business (MSRB)

The Management School of Restorative Business and Creating A Sustainable Future Organizations unequivocally condemn the state repression of Maori and demand an end to the government atrocities against them.

New Zealand is a “one-party” timocratic monarchical oligarchy. It could also be described as a synarchy, or a crypto-military fascist police state. NZ began its shameful existence in rivers of Maori blood. About 85 percent of Maori were slaughtered by the genocidal land thieves, who then stole more than 95 percent of Maori land. New Zealand’s assassins in uniform continue to satisfy their bloodlust by murdering “colored” people in serial massacres and blood orgies from Korea to Malaysia, Indonesia to Borneo, Vietnam… Afghanistan to Iraq.

The NZ Prime Minister and key members of her cabinets are NAZIS. In the dawn of 21st century this is simply unacceptable. We demand that these individuals be removed from office immediately and be indicted for crimes against humanity! The New Zealand’s Gestapo, their so called “Secret [sic] Intelligence [sic] Service [sic]” must be disbanded immediately and the pathetic clowns that operate it be extradited to their countries of origin to be tried for crimes against humanity.

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The Beating of a Four-Year-Old Boy by an Israeli Officer

Posted by terres on October 22, 2007

Killing Toddlers for Instant Gratification

Wild animals don’t kill or harm other animals for pleasure. Israeli soldiers and settlers brutalize and kill Palestinian children for instant gratification.

“It’s 6am, Rafah is under curfew, there isn’t so much as a dog in the streets. Only a little boy of four playing in the sand. He is building a castle in his yard. He [the officer] suddenly starts running and we all run with him. He was from the combat engineers.
‘He grabbed the boy. […] He broke his hand here at the wrist, broke his leg here. And started to stomp on his stomach, three times, and left.” Read more…

Since September 2007 at least 952 Palestinian children have been murdered by Israelis. An estimated 20,000 children have been wounded. [Source: Remember These Children and others.]

“The majority of these [Palestinian] children were killed and injured while going about normal daily activities, such as going to school, playing, shopping, or simply being in their homes. Sixty-four percent of children killed during the first six months of 2003 died as a result of Israeli air and ground attacks, or from indiscriminate fire from Israeli soldiers.” – Catherine Cook

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URGENT APPEAL: Maori plea for support

Posted by terres on October 18, 2007

Stop the State Repression of Indigenous Peoples! [See text.]

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Israeli Theft of Water and Land: A Model Case of Ethnic Cleansing

Posted by terres on October 17, 2007

When your neighbors ambush your family’s water supply!

How would you like to be a Palestinian living in Tuwani, the surrounding villages or indeed anywhere in the West Bank where the water you need to sustain even the most basic lifestyle is taken away from you by the occupiers of your land to fill their swimming pools and water their manicured lawns and orchards on the edge of the desert?


September 10, 2007
by Eileen Hanson http://groups. group/cpthebron/ message/995

I arrived back in Tuwani after short time away and the first thing I heard about was a big meeting here this morning about water. Living on the edge of the Negev desert, water is a major concern here. Normally the winter rains fill cisterns in the area, which supply water through the dry summer months. People use cistern water for watering their flocks as well as for household cleaning and bathing. The well is the village source for drinking water. All the cisterns are empty now, and the well is very low.

Many families have already brought in a truck of water to fill their cistern. However many others probably cannot afford to do this. The men of Tuwani and a number of surrounding villages met this morning to discuss the situation.

Life in this area has never been easy. Water has always been scarce. But people have been living here for thousands of years and have developed ways of living to meet the challenges of the environment.

But things have changed in recent years. Twenty years ago the settlement of Ma’on was established on land belonging to families living in Tuwani. Many of the cisterns traditionally used by families from Tuwani and neighboring villages have been taken over by settlers. Palestinians are either physically unable to access them, or fear violence if they approach what was once their family’s land and cistern.

The settlement of Ma’on with its green manicured lawns, irrigated fields and orchards, draws water from the underground aquifer that supplies this entire area. The Tuwani village well is low because the aquifer is getting lower and lower by the year.

This is not an uncommon story. Throughout the West Bank, settlements are taking the lion’s share of water, leaving Palestinians with scarce resources. Some estimates of settler water usage are as high as 8 or 9 to 1 compared with Palestinians water use. Many other villages in the Hebron district are also experiencing serious water shortages. It is clear just by looking as the contrasting lifestyles of Tuwani and the settlers at Ma’on that settler use of water is completely out of tune with the environment here. Worst of all, it is destroying the possibilities for others to sustain even the simplest life here.

People in Tuwani do not want water to fill up swimming pools. They simply want enough water for their flocks and their families to have enough to drink and bathe. Local Palestinians continue to live a life close to the land and respectful of the resources. It is the settlers who refuse to admit that they are living on the edge of the desert and adapt accordingly.

The lack of water is also a real concern here in part because it presents yet another vulnerability of Palestinians to the occupying powers, the Israeli military and the Israeli settlers. Perhaps Palestinian villagers can band together and buy water to provide enough until the rains come in November or December. But water trucks are a very visible target. Other villages have had roads blocked, or trucks attacked and been unable to get water to the village. A difficult situation becomes even more complex when having to consider that your neighbors might ambush your family’s water supply.

Related Story: Ethnic Cleansing: Constructive, Benign, and Nefarious…

This model case of ethnic cleansing also represents a clear instance of applied racism, in which the militarily stronger and ethnic cleansing state–its leaders, armed forces, and a major part of its media, intellectuals and citizenry, who would be called “willing executioners” if residing in a Western targeted state–in both words and actions treat the population in process of removal as inferiors (untermenschen in the Nazi mode). These inferiors are not merely discriminated against but freely abused with beatings, harsh treatment at checkpoints, home demolitions and expropriations in accord with Israeli desires, theft of land and water, and killings without penalty. […]

High Israeli officials have for years described the Palestinians as “cockroaches,” “lice,” “grasshoppers,” “animals,” “two-legged beasts,” a “cancer,” along with other epithets of dehumanization, and they have repeatedly devalued Palestinian life as compared with that of Jews (most recently, Olmert’s statement that “the lives and well-being of Sderot’s residents are more important than those of Gaza residents”; more dramatically, Rabbi Yaacov Perin’s “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail”). Palestinian numbers represent what in Israel is called a “demographic threat,” and Israeli academic and human rights activist Jeff Halper states that “schemes of ‘transfer’ have become an acceptable part of Israeli political discourse…[as Israel] actively pursues policies of displacement: exile and deportation, the revoking of residency rights, economic impoverishment, land expropriations, house demolitions, and other means of making life so unbearable as to induce ‘voluntary’ Palestinian emigration.”

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U.S. Tortures Prisoners in Violation of International Law

Posted by terres on October 12, 2007

Bush Authorizes Torture

In an interview with BBC former President Jimmy Carter said: “Our country, for the first time in my lifetime, has abandoned the basic principle of human rights…We’ve said that the Geneva Conventions do not apply to those people in Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo, and we’ve said we can torture prisoners and deprive them of an accusation of a crime.”Carter believes that the United States has tortured detainees and that President Bush has authorized the abuse, which violates international laws.

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The Wardens of Freedom in Amerika

Posted by terres on October 10, 2007

The Wardens of Freedom in Amerika: Lawyers, Judges, Israel Lobby, Politicians, Police, Scientists, Academics, Clergy, Reporters, Psychologists…

Where are the lawyers of America?

By Ralph Nader

The rogue regime of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney-so widely condemned for its unconstitutional, criminal Iraq war, its spying on Americans illegally, its repeated illegal torture practices, its arrests and imprisonment of thousands in this country without charges and its pathological secrecy and corporate corruption-still has not felt the heat of the 800,000 practicing lawyers and their many bar organizations.

Lawyer jokes aside, the first defense outside of government against the rejection of due process, probable cause and habeas corpus should come from the officers of the courts-the attorneys of America. With few exceptions, they have flunked, asleep at the switch or loaded with excuses.

The exceptions are a number of law professors such as David Cole (Georgetown University) and Jonathan Turley (George Washington University) and the magnificent one-year presidency of Michael Greco at the conservative American Bar Association.

Mr. Greco, appalled at the outlaw nature of the Bush White House, now wallowing in the pits of the public opinion polls, organized former counsel to the CIA, the National Security Agency and the FBI, among others, to produce detailed reports and resolutions assailing the Bush government for repeatedly violating the constitution in numerous ways. (

Reports were sent to Mr. Bush personally. He did not even bother to acknowledge receipt. The ABA has over 400,000 members and is the largest bar association in the world. Not even a courtesy reply from George Bush, the American Caesar.

Unfortunately, the courage of Greco and his colleagues has not been contagious with hundreds of thousands of lawyers throughout America or the 50 state bar associations who might have taken some action or position to stand after the ABA stood tall in 2005-2006.

Mind you, the climate for lawyers defending the rule of law is quite enabling. Seventy percent of the American people want out of Iraq and nearly as many would like to see this Presidency end. A poll of soldiers in Iraq back in January 2006 registered 72% of them wanting the U.S. out of Iraq within six to twelve months.

In addition, scores of former Generals and high military officers, retired intelligence officials and diplomats have openly criticized the intransigence, incompetence and harm to the U.S. national security. These leaders include the national security advisers to Bush’s father, Brent Snowcroft, the anti-terrorism advisor to George W. Bush, Richard Clark, and many others who served in high government office.

With all this in mind, I have been asking lawyers why they do not become directly active in challenging what they themselves believe is a reckless above-the-law Presidency and its enormous concentration of unlawful power. Here are some examples of their replies.

–real estate attorney with a sterling civil liberties background says “I am just too busy.”
–numerous retired lawyers of considerable accomplishment simply say they are retired.

–mid-career business attorneys say they have too many clients who might object (too much wheeling and dealing to uphold the rule of law in Washington, D.C.).

–public interest lawyers say it is not within their declared mission-eg. environmental, consumer, poverty or law reform work.

–“Too controversial,” and “I’m not up to it,” announced a prominent trial lawyer.

–“I wouldn’t know where to start and I just need my leisure time,” replied a highly specialized estate and trusts attorney.

And so it goes. Too preoccupied, too many deals in the works, too controversial, too retired…

The Democratic leadership in the Congress has given Bush/Cheney a giant nod by taking a pass on holding them accountable through impeachment, through conditions in budget bills, through making them answer subpoenas by playing hardball on Bush’s nominees, such as his new choice for Attorney General.

It is up to the lawyers to rally for the Republic. This is deep patriotism, for without upholding our constitution, and the laws of the land, what will become of our country?

What will our children and their grandchildren inherit-a bankrupt government that contracts out more and more of its core functions to staggeringly expensive giant corporations seeking limitless profits, while they finance and corrupt politicians to turn their back on the peoples’ needs?

Lawyers are supposed to know how to apply law to raw power. They know how to use the courts, lobby (there are hundreds or thousands of attorneys in each of most Congressional Districts). They can cut through the arcane camouflage of legalese. They know when the laws are being violated and what the remedies are for the violators. They know how to draft legislation. They have contacts and money and are not supposed to be frightened of conflict. The super-lawyers invariably get their calls returned.

Where are the lawyers of America?

Two major terrorist strikes, with a messianic, compulsively-obsessed President, can do to America what 9 months of nightly bombing by the Nazis could not do to England-move us much closer to a police state.

Where are the stand-up lawyers of America?

Tell your friends to visit Nader.Org and sign up for E-Alerts.

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Et Tu St Thomas? Et Tu?

Posted by feww on October 10, 2007

A déjà vu of THE POWER OF THE ISRAEL LOBBY IN THE U-S: University of St. Thomas Bans Desmond Tutu

From ‘Mirror of Justice’

Dear Father Dease and Dr. Rochon,

We are members of the School of Law faculty […] University of St. Thomas […] We urge you to reconsider this decision and to join in inviting Abp. Tutu to speak in the Twin Cities.

In general, the appearance at UST of a Nobel-Peace-Prize winner, a major figure in the nonviolent movement against apartheid, would be a magnificent opportunity for the University community. Although the conference at which Abp. Tutu would speak is sponsored by an outside group, without a doubt his appearance here would benefit UST students, faculty, and staff, and enhance the University’s reputation as a place engaged in dialogue with figures of international distinction. We are distressed at the rejection of this opportunity, and especially at the rationale that the administration has publicly asserted: that the University should not host a speaker who, in comments on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has said things that are offensive or “hurtful to members of the Jewish community.” Read more…

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October’s 30 pieces of silver go to Father Dease and Dr. Rochon!

UPDATE [October 11, 2007]

UST president, Father Disease, says he made wrong decision, [returns the 30 pieces of silver to Israel Lobby for a promise of gold coins] and invites Tutu to campus:

“I sincerely hope Archbishop Tutu will accept our invitation. I continue to have nothing but the utmost respect for his witness of faith, for his humanitarian accomplishments and especially for his leadership in helping to end apartheid in South Africa.”

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Posted by feww on October 9, 2007

A Dutch documentary on “The Israel Lobby and US foreign policy.”

Interviews with John Mearsheimer and others are in English.

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Posted by feww on October 7, 2007



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The Attack on USS Liberty

Posted by terres on October 4, 2007

A Failed False Flag Attempt That Won’t Be Forgotten!

Israeli government ordered its air force and navy to sink USS Liberty 40 years ago to blame Egypt [and other Arab countries] for the incident. The combined air and sea assault by the Israelis killed thirty-four Americans and wounded another 174. Israeli torpedo boats blew a 39-foot hole in USS Liberty’s starboard side but were unable to sink the ship as they had planned. The Israeli false flag operation failed, once again.

Bryce Lockwood, Marine staff sergeant, Russian-language expert, recipient of the Silver Star for heroism, ordained Baptist minister, is shouting into the phone.

“I’m angry! I’m seething with anger! Forty years, and I’m seething with anger!”

Lockwood was aboard the USS Liberty, a super-secret spy ship on station in the eastern Mediterranean, when four Israeli fighter jets flew out of the afternoon sun to strafe and bomb the virtually defenseless vessel on June 8, 1967, the fourth day of what would become known as the Six-Day War.

“I’m angry! I’m seething with anger! Forty years, and I’m seething with anger!”

Read more…

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171 Arrests as Faslane Protest Ends

Posted by terres on October 4, 2007

Police arrested 171 people at a protest marking the end of a year of blockades against nuclear submarines at the Faslane naval base on the Clyde.

About 500 demonstrators took part in the final event of the protest at the home of the UK’s Trident missiles. Many of them started blockading the main entrance by gluing themselves to the Tarmac outside and chaining themselves together and to the fence.

The protesters were marking the end of Faslane 365, a year-long campaign against the hosting of the Trident fleet in Scotland.

[Note: Not all of these good folks are necessarily antiwar, they just don’t like the nuke subs!- FEWW]

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The Ibdaa Health Committee (IHC)

Posted by terres on October 2, 2007

Connecting Health with Human Rights and Dignity

An update on the Work of the Ibdaa Health Committee and the Situation on the Ground in Occupied Palestine

Speaker: Dr. Lori Rudolph, U.S Coordinator of the Ibdaa Health Committee
When: Saturday, October 6th
Where: Albuquerque Peace & Justice Center
Time: 7-9pm Come earlier for refreshments!!!

The economic, social and health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territories has deteriorated to an unprecedented and alarming level, warning of a dangerous humanitarian disaster due to the economic sanctions that was imposed by Israel, the United States and other Western nations. The health situation in particular has been seriously undermined as a result of external funding cuts to the Palestinian Authority (PA), together with Israel’s refusal to transfer tax monies collected on behalf of the PA and the freezing of PA accounts by commercial banks.

The PA employs 57 percent of all health workers, and runs 45 percent of primary health care centers. Its inability to maintain service provision is having a devastating impact on access to healthcare, and is placing an unsustainable burden on non-governmental health care organizations to fill the gap in services. Additionally, the number of people who are no longer able to afford needed medical care due to lack of employment and/or loss of income is alarmingly high.

In light of the burgeoning heath care crisis, the IHC is expanding its services to help minimize the deleterious effects of these sanctions on Palestinian Civil Society. Dr. Rudolph, who recently returned from an eight-month stay at Dheisheh refugee camp, will provide an update on these services and the impact of the current political situation on the health sector in Palestinian Civil Society. Additionally, Lori will highlight other daily human rights abuses including Israeli military incursions, the use of torture, restriction of movement, settlement expansion, and popular resistance against the apartheid wall.

This event is free and open to the public however donations are highly encouraged. All proceeds will go directly to the Ibdaa Health Committee.

The IHC is a community based, non-partisan, and democratic association comprised of local and international volunteers, including nurses, physicians, psychologists, counselors, social workers and other interested persons. It provides critically needed medical and mental health services through health education, prevention, treatment, and professional training for adults and children who reside either in Dheisheh Camp or in the Greater Bethlehem Area.

Lori Rudolph is a visiting professor at NMHU in Las Vegas, NM and a clinical counselor. She is a member of the Middle East Peace and Justice Alliance in Albuquerque and U.S Coordinator for the Ibdaa Health Committee at Dheisheh refugee camp in the West Bank where she travels to frequently. In addition to her work with the IHC, Lori was a visiting professor in the community mental health program at Al Quds University in Abu Dis, Palestine.

For Further Info Contact Lori Rudolph at


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