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American severely wounded by Israeli troops

Posted by terres on March 24, 2009

American man severely wounded by Israeli troops

Israel must take full responsibility for the shooting of our son. —Mike Anderson, Victim’s Father

From Guardian UK

By DIAA HADID –  Monday March 23, 2009

American Peace Activist Tristan Anderson, 38, from Oakland, Calif., was severely wounded after he was hit in the forehead and face by a tear gas canister fired at him by Israeli troops in the town of Naalin, in the West Bank, March 13, 2009. Photo AP. Image may be subject to copyright.

Associated Press Writer JERUSALEM (AP). The parents of an American man severely wounded by Israeli troops during a West Bank protest have asked Israeli police to launch an investigation, their lawyer said Monday. Tristan Anderson, 38, from Oakland, Calif., was struck in the head by a tear gas canister fired by members of Israel’s paramilitary border police in the Palestinian village of Naalin on March 13.

Anderson had joined a protest against Israel’s separation barrier, which cuts off Naalin from 300 acres of olive groves. In the past year, four Palestinians were killed in Naalin by Israeli troops quelling weekly stone-throwing protests against the barrier, according to Israeli human rights group B’tselem.

The couple’s lawyer, Michael Sfard, said he asked Israel’s police to launch an investigation.

The Andersons, of Grass Valley, Calif., held back tears Monday as they described their son’s critical condition. “We don’t know if he’ll recover, and if he does, we don’t know what abilities he will ever regain,” his mother, Nancy, told reporters.

His father, Mike, said Israel must “take full responsibility for the shooting of our son.”

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Anderson’s injury was “an extremely regrettable result of rioting.”

The incident is under investigation, the Israeli military has said, though it is not clear if police will investigate separately.

Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie lies on the ground fatally injured by the Israeli military bulldozer driver. Rachel’s fellow activists have dug her a little out of the sand and are trying to keep her neck straight due to spinal injury.
Picture taken at 4:47PM on 16 March 2003, Rafah, Occupied Gaza. Photo by Joseph Smith. (ISM Handout)

Rachel Aliene Corrie (April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003) was an American member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) who traveled to the Gaza Strip during the Second Intifada. She was killed when an Israeli soldier drove his bulldozer over her as she protested against the destruction of Palestinian homes by the Israeli Occupation Forces in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Occupation Forces murdered
Rachel Corrie, but they couldn’t kill her spirit.

Tom Hurndall

Tom Hurndall a student and a British peace activist was shot in the head the 11 April 2003 as he tried to help a Palestinian woman and her children flee Israeli gunfire. Tom Hurndall was shot as he moved towards the family in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. He was wearing a fluorescent orange vest, and witnesses say that there had been no exchange of fire between the Israeli army and Palestinian gunmen that day.Near

Tom Hurndall was in a coma for nine months after being shot in the head by an Israeli sniper on  April 11, 2003. He died January 13, 2004. Source

James Miller

James Miller, a British cameraman, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers. Photo source: Mona Baker

James Henry Dominic Miller (18 December 1968 – 2 May 2003) was a British  (Welshman) cameraman, producer, director  and recipient of numerous awards, including five Emmy Awards.  He was murdered by a single shot fired by a an Israeli military sniper on 2 May 2003 while filming a documentary in Rafah. The soldier who shot him was identified as Captain Hib al-Heib.

…  Tristan Anderson ‘hanging by a thread’

The Israeli military has said there was heavy stone-throwing and troops fired tear gas during the demonstration, though protesters said the stone-throwing was sporadic. Anderson did not throw any stones and was struck after he had returned to the village, witnesses said.

Rights activists say Israeli troops often use excessive force in dispersing West Bank protests, and fire tear gas canisters directly as protesters, using them as a weapon, rather than a means to disperse crowds.

The Israeli military says stone-throwing poses a threat to troops, and several officers have been injured by rocks. The military said troops used permitted means of riot dispersal, such as tear gas, rubber-coated steel pellets and stun grenades.

About 450 people have been injured, 12 of them seriously, in a year of Naalin protests, organizers say.

Israel says the barrier prevents Palestinian attackers infiltrating into Israel. Palestinians say it’s a land grab because it juts into the West Bank.

25 Responses to “American severely wounded by Israeli troops”

  1. Herspirit said

    [Unintelligent remark. Edited. TERRES]

    [See Editorial Policy.]

  2. B. Kawamax said

    sad but true

  3. garry said

    Not good at all it’s time to have some accountability. These people are truly evil.

  4. Diego Blasco said

    If the IDF can treat American and British activist like this, imagine how they treat Palestinians. All my respect for those martyrs.

  5. Robert Patterson said

    Israel is EVIL !

    They killing everybody in their path
    no matter their Christian or Islam

  6. jonathan said

    I hate the israel bitch!

  7. Dmitry said

    [Dmitry – Here are three questions for you:
    (1) Who do you think is training the so-called suicide-bombers to blow themselves up in Moscow underground network and elsewhere in Russia, killing innocent people?
    (2) Who do you think incited Georgia offensive in S. Ossetia?
    (3) What is the probability, in your opinion, that Israel, or a former soviet satellite state being used by Israelis, could blow Moscow into smithereens in the next few years?

  8. slavon said

    The main rule says:don’t fuck with those who is in military duties in closed areas !!!

    [WRONG! The main rule says: don’t fuck with the rest of the world, their patience is wearing thin. Moderator]

  9. Dahab said

    Trust me, Might is Right, there would be nothing to stop the Israelis. Not now at least ….. not on our time.

    [That’s what Adolph Hitler and many other tyrants before and after thought, too! Moderator.]

  10. slavon said

    [NOT relevant! Your comment did NOT address the facts that
    (1) Israelis are occupying lands that doesn’t belong to them
    (2) Holding 2 million people in a concentration camp
    (3) Carrying out daily acts of mass murder against defenseless people
    (4) Committing premeditated ethnic cleansing against a people in their own land.
    There are forces that go above and beyond militarism and are far greater than the power of nuclear bombs — your own Kabbalah should bear testament to that. Moderator.]

  11. Jason said

    Israel treats the palestinian pawns better than Egypt or Syria or Jordan have or ever would have. The palestinians are a people to be ruled, just look at their history. Never have they been in charge of themselves. Blame Jordan and other Palestinian majority nations that wont accept the refugees into their countries. To the winner go the spoils. Go Israel!

    [“Jordan and other Palestinian majority nations” aren’t occupying Palestine; “Israelis” are! Moderator.]

  12. moloud said

    Go to hell Zionists!! you devilish motherfu**ers.

    [Edited by Moderator. You could, of course, make a useful comment, too!]

  13. Mohammed/ Moshe said

    [Try keeping your comment focused on a single issue, if you want it published. Moderator.]

  14. sadaf said

    I hate Israel,and I pray and ask god to kill them as soon as possible.

  15. Jason said

    [Get a confirmation email from God about the ownership, and we’ll publish it. Meantime, our readers are encouraged to read the following:

  16. hassham frk said

    i think after this incident the world can easily understand who is the worlds biggest terrorist.

  17. Jason said

    [If you have any intelligent thoughts, I’ll let you share it with the readers. Otherwise, share the profanities with your family because they deserve it for occupying Palestine… TERRES]

  18. jittery jason said

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  22. jittery jason said

  23. DT said

    [Your concern is noted. Moderator]

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  25. katie said

    Isn’t the level of moderation (i.e. CENSORSHIP) around here a human rights violation?

    [Katie, comments that violate our editorial policy would be removed. pls. see –Moderator]

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