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‘White supremacists’ patrol Christchurch, NZ

Posted by terres on October 26, 2009

Shame on You New Zealand!

The following information was posted at TEAA’s blog:

Israeli-connected “white pride” group “patrols” streets of Christchurch, NZ

Right Wing Resistance (RWR), a “white pride” group with direct ties to the state of Israel, says they are patrolling New Brighton streets, Christchurch.

“white pride” vigilantes take over Christchurch

kylies boyfriends
The leader of group Kylie (?) Chapman is seen with his officers. This comes at a time when Radovan Karadžić, the former Bosnian Serb leader is seriously considering suicide while in custody in ICTY custody in the Hague.
He too, was supported by his Israeli-American connection, Richard Holbrooke, or so he claims.

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6 Responses to “‘White supremacists’ patrol Christchurch, NZ”

  1. thug said

  2. Samuel welsh said

    did this really happen?

  3. terres said

    It could have been a well-orchestrated rumor.

  4. WIRM said

    [Look it up in the local media. TERRES]

  5. Jim said

    [Probably! TERRES]

  6. Rash said

    They are patrolling the area with air rifles.

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