Fundamental Human Rights

The Right to a Sustainable Future [Filtered & blocked by Google!]


This page is reserved for general messages.

3 Responses to “Messages”

  1. Ninnanna said

    The Catholic Church is an abomination that ought to be destroyed, hopefully it will be.

  2. Dmitry said

    How about human rights in Ukraine now? President is a thief and a rapist.

  3. Ruben Sano said

    The following screenplay (free download) as e-book, pdf file or text document


    may never be made into a motion picture but I feel the relevance of the material is important and will impact the views of American’s with regard to what is happening in Palestine.

    If you agree, please forward to anyone who might read.

    [Can you send a synopsis? I don’t have ‘t read the 141 pages, but will consider a summary. TERRES]

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