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Israeli Massacre in Gaza: The Worst in 60 Years

Posted by terres on December 28, 2008

Murdered, Persecuted, Driven out of their Homes and Exiled for 60 years by a bunch of foreign assassins who have forcefully invaded the Palestinian Homeland!

Israelis Murder 400 Palestinians, Injuring More Than Two Thousands in 4 Days of Air Attacks

Israeli air strikes in Gaza continued for a third day on Monday, killing more than 300 Palestinians and injuring another 700 in what has been described as one of  “the bloodiest massacres of Palestinians in 60 years by the Jewish state.”

An explosion is seen after a missile fired from an Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter plane landed in the northern Gaza Strip December 27, 2008. REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis
. Image may be subject to copyright.

A Planned  Genocide

Late Sunday, Israeli warplanes targeted the local Islamic University killing a dozen students.  At least seven of the dead were students at a UN vocational college for Palestinian refugees. More than 20 students were injured in the air attack.

Israeli government reportedly approved the call-up of 6,500 reservists . “Israel will continue until we have a new security environment in the south, when the population there will no longer live in terror and in fear of constant rocket barrages,” a govt spokesman said.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli  planes bombed supply tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip used by Palestinians to smuggle food, water and medicine, past the Israeli blockade of the Gaza strip.

Israeli Blockade

The Israeli blockade was imposed after the Hamas movement took control of Gaza in June 2007. The territory has been closed to virtually all supplies including food, water, fuel and medicine. The Palestinians in Gaza Strip territory have had to deal with food and water shortages shortages as well as power cuts.  The essential utilities have been crippled.

In January 2008, Israeli supreme court [a court which has no legitimacy as it operates in territories occupied by foreign forces] said that Gaza was ruled by “a murderous terror group”, but stated Israel still had an obligation under international law to avoid “deliberately” harming Palestinian civilians.

The court also had the audacity to rule that the reduction in fuel and electricity provided to the Gaza Strip was “sufficient to answer the vital humanitarian needs of the strip for the time being.”

Day Four of Gaza Massacre (Round 2008)

Israelis planes have now bombed the life out of about 400 people, injuring up to 2,000 Palestinians held in the Gaza Strip Concentration Camp. Meanwhile a Gibraltar-register boat, Dignity, carrying medical supplies and other humanitarian aid, foreign doctors and surgeons on its way to Gaza was rammed by a an Israeli patrol boat in international waters. See video and phone report.

Relatives mourn three young brothers who were killed in an Israeli airstrike Monday (December 29, 2008)  in Gaza. Image may be subject to copyright.

Gaza Strip: The World’s Largest Concentration Camp

Gaza Strip is a coastal strip of land along the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Egypt on the south-west and Israel on the north and east. It is about 41 kilometers long, and between 6 and 12 kilometers  wide, with a total area of 360 square kilometers, which makes it the world’s largest concentration camp. The area is not recognized internationally as part of any sovereign country but is claimed by the Palestinian National Authority as part of the Palestinian territories. Since the June 2007 battle of Gaza, actual control of the area is in the hands of the Hamas de facto government.

It has about 1.48 million Palestinian Arab (or Gazan) residents, that is a population density of about 4,118 people per square kilometer [before the ongoing massacre.]

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A New Year’s Message from IAC founder

Posted by terres on December 26, 2008

International Action Center
55 West 17th St., Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10011

A New Year’s Message from IAC founder Ramsey Clark

Dear friends,

We are at a crucial historic juncture.

We cannot sit back and expect that change will just happen now.  In order to make real change, people must be mobilized and organized.  Otherwise, all of the hopes for a new direction can be quickly diverted.

The International Action Center (IAC) is unique.  Its role is recognized worldwide and here in the U.S.  This is because the IAC provides—for activists and political movements—a bold, independent voice that is so needed today.

Flouting the mandate of the people of the U.S. who want the troops withdrawn and this horrific war ended, the U.S. government has just imposed a new “Status of Forces” Agreement on Iraq which would keep tens of thousands of U.S. troops and mercenaries there for the next three years (at the cost of $12 billion a month)!

While the entire Bush program has been repudiated, the atrocities and illegal imprisonment continue at Guantanamo.  U.S. missiles rain down on villages in Pakistan, killing civilians, and they, together with NATO weapons, increasingly hit children, women and men in Afghanistan–where tens of thousands of U.S. troops could likely be sent.  Bellicosity continues towards Iran and other nations in the Middle East.  NATO is expanding which raises the danger of new confrontations with Russia in Georgia, the Ukraine, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

The military budget continues to grow at a gargantuan rate, far surpassing that of any in U.S. history, diverting massive funds and depriving millions here of needed health care, housing, and education, while infrastructures deteriorate, and thousands hard-hit by hurricane disasters have been abandoned by the government.

Join us in a New Year of Struggle!

Donate online at

The spiraling economic meltdown means millions of people are losing their jobs and homes while states implement massive and harsh cutbacks in vital social programs.  Yet trillions of dollars in “bailouts” are handed over to the banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions of wealth.

But there is reason for hope–there is opposition to the wars abroad, to the violations of civil liberties and basic rights abroad and at home, including the terrible witch hunt on immigrants, and to the sweeping economic attacks on poor and working people as the policy-driven greater concentration of wealth and growth of poverty intensifies.  And millions of people feel hope because of the historic election of an African-American man.

It is critical that organizing grows on every front.  In order to make real change, it takes mobilizing and strong, independent and decisive actions.

The International Action Center (IAC) is well-situated and long-experienced to be a major organizing force in this period.   The IAC has been a consistent, determined and independent voice and major mobilizing center against U.S. wars, sanctions and military interventions for 17 years, since the first Gulf War.  This principled organization of activists has courageously held protests, meetings and forums across the country, opposing U.S. aggression against Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Bolivia, Panama and Korea.

IAC organizers have produced many books–translated into several languages—for the public, scholars, and anti-war protesters here and worldwide, while providing a center and resources for a new generation of activists. The People’s Video Network has produced many politically-educational videos, while building an alternative media network.

The IAC has taken on struggles against racism, bigotry, injustice and more–from standing with Hurricanes Katrina and Rita survivors in their still unmet quest for justice, to supporting immigrants’ rights, opposing the death penalty and challenging military recruitment.

And now, in this crucial time of economic crisis and hardship, the IAC, which is fiercely committed to a Peoples’ Agenda, has helped launch and organize campaigns against home foreclosures and evictions, utility shut-offs, mass transit rate increases, and for healthcare.

The IAC looks forward to a new year of struggle against war and political, social and economic injustice!

Our New Year’s Resolution for 2009 must be to organize together tirelessly to end the occupation of Iraq, to stop a new war against Iran or any nation, and to stop incessant provocations against Islam, Venezuela, Russia, Bolivia, Cuba and others.   We must work to promote international friendship and respect for humankind and to oppose the policies of domination, globalization and war.

We invite you to join in the new year of activism with the IAC and to support its vital work.

You can make a difference!

Donate online at

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Thailand: King of all democracies [sic]

Posted by terres on December 25, 2008

For as long as there is monarchy in Thailand [and a greedy one for that,] the system cannot be called a democracy; nor will there be any harmony among Thai people.

Leader of Democrat Party Abhisit Vejjajiva kowtows to the photo of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s after receiving his command appointing him new Thailand’s Prime Minister at a ceremony at party’s headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2008. Abhisit, the 44-year-old, Oxford-educated was voted by Parliament on Monday, promised Wednesday to put together a competent Cabinet to revive the country’s economy battered by months of violent anti-government protests. Photo: AP. Image may be subject to copyright.

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Stop the Executions

Posted by terres on December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

Dear Reader,

Texas executed 18 of the 37 people executed in the U.S. in 2008. 95% of all executions occurred in the South in 2008; 49% were in one state – Texas. One person on Texas death row was exonerated and removed from death row in 2008. Michael Blair remains in prison on other charges. Harris County sent no one to death row in 2008.

Many people have joined our Amazee project. Please take five minutes to join the project and help us move into first place.

Help Us Win a Membership Contest so that We Can Help Some Families of People on Death Row

Click here to join the “Abolish the Death Penalty Project” on and help us win a membership contest. We need only about 50 new members to move into 3rd place and about 150 to move into first place.

We could win up to $5,000 to use against the death penalty. The project with the most members by Jan 22 wins. This is one of the easiest actions you can take to make a big impact for some of the families of people on death row, if we win.

We plan to use one-half of any prize money we win to help needy families of people on death row travel to visit their loved ones on death row. We will use the other half of the prize money to fight against the death penalty.

You have to go to the project page, click on “join project” on the right hand side, then click on “register”. Then to qualify as one of the members who count towards the contest, you have to upload a profile picture or avatar of yourself. You don’t have to do anything else to help us win the membership contest, just join the project.

We were all moved by the family members who spoke at the 9th Annual March to Stop Executions in Houston, so we were thinking of how we could help them. We all know that the death penalty is reserved for the poor. There are no rich people on death row. We want to use one half of any prize money we get through this contest to help family members visit their loved ones on death row. Many families have a hard time making ends meet and the extra cost of traveling long distances to visit their loved ones on death row is a great financial burden. Some of the people on death row have young children who rarely get to visit them. We will decide which needy families to help in consultation with the other groups in Texas that work together against the death penalty, including Texas Students Against the Death Penalty, Campaign to End the Death Penalty and the Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement.

If we win the first place prize of $5,000, then $2500 will be reserved to help with trips to death row for families of people sentenced to death who need financial help to visit their loved ones. The other $2,500 would be used for activities during the upcoming Texas legislative session, such as a big anti-death penalty rally in Austin and other projects. If we only win third place, then we would have $1000 for the families and $1,000 for other expenses. But let’s aim for first place!

Thanks to Amazee for helping non-profits achieve their missions!

The Death Penalty Information Center has issued its 2008 Year End Report on the Death Penalty.

Highlights from the Report

Decline in the Number of Executions and Death Sentences

  • 37 executions took place in 2008, marking a 14-year low and continuing a downward trend that began in 2000.

  • 95% of all executions occurred in the South in 2008; 49% were in one state – Texas.

  • The annual number of death sentences has dropped by 60% since the 1990s.

Innocence and Clemency

  • Four death row inmates were exonerated and four had their sentences commuted to life in prison without parole during the course of this year. The total number of exonerations since 1973 is 130.

Costs of the Death Penalty

  • A California commission reported that the state is spending $138 million per year on a death penalty system that they described as “broken” and “close to collapse.”

  • A study in Maryland indicated that the state had spent $37 million for each execution when all the costs of the death penalty were included.

  • With the average time spent on death row increasing to 12.7 years in 2007, death penalty cases continue to place a significant financial burden on state budgets.

  • State supreme courts in Utah and New Mexico have warned that the death penalty would be stopped unless more funding is provided for indigent defense.

Expansion of the Death Penalty Denied

  • In June, the Supreme Court rejected the expansion of the death penalty to non-homicide crimes against individuals in Kennedy v. Louisiana.

To read the complete report, click here.

Email the Austin City Coucil About the Death Penalty Resolution

We had a meeting recently with aides to Austin City Council members Randi Shade and Lee Leffingwell to discuss our proposed resolution for a moratorium on executions. They told us they would discuss the issue with their bosses. Use this webform to send an email to all members of the Austin City Council telling them why they should pass a resolution calling for a moratorium. You can address your email: Dear Mayor Wynn and Members of the Austin City Council. Your one email will be sent to all council members and the mayor.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed by city councils across Texas. Local governments and local taxpayers are the most vulnerable of all levels of government and taxpayers when it comes to being held financially responsible when innocent people are wrongfully convicted. In 2003, the City of Austin paid out more than $14 million to Richard Danziger and Christopher Ochoa because the APD had coerced a false confession from Ochoa, who then implicated Danziger.

There have been 20 exonerations of innocent people in Dallas County, including 11 since the current DA, Craig Watkins, took office.

Nine people have been sent to Texas death row and later exonerated. At least three innocent people may have already been executed in Texas.

Local governments need to send a message to the Texas Legislature to address the problems in the system that can lead to innocent people being convicted and even put at risk of wrongful execution. If a person is wrongfully executed in Texas, local taxpayers may have to foot the bill for a wrongful death lawsuit. The Travis County Commissioners Court and the El Paso County Commissioners Court have already passed moratorium resolutions.

Our proposed resolution is here. Of course, we expect it to be changed before it is passed. We also presented them with a resolution to abolish the death penalty in case they wanted to choose to pass that resolution.

The Austin Human Rights Commission has already passed both a moratorium resolution and an abolition resolution on separate ocassions and has sent letters to all city council members saying that the AHRC would like the city council to address the issue with its own resolution. There were two members of the AHRC at the meeting. Delia Meyer, a TMN board member, who is also an Austin Human Rights Commissioner, has been pushing the issue on the AHRC. Also present were Scott Cobb, Hooman Hedayati and Alison Dieter.

The ACLU-TX Central Texas Chapter has also endorsed the resolution.

Seven Executions in Texas in January

Curtis Moore January 14
TDCJ Info on Curtis Moore

Jose Garcia Briseno Jan 15
TDCJ Info on Jose Garcia Briseno

Frank Moore Jan 21
TDCJ Info on Frank Moore

Reginald Perkins Jan 22

TDCJ Info on Reginald Perkins

Larry Ray Swearingen Jan 27
Larry Swearingen’s website
Another website with information and legal documents
TDCJ Info on Larry Ray Swearingen

Virgil Martinez Jan 28
TDCJ Info on Virgil Martinez

Ortiz Ricardo Jan 29
TDCJ Info on Ortiz Ricardo

To send the Governor of Texas an email denouncing these executions, go to:


You can also call and leave him a voice message:

Telephone numbers for Governor Rick Perry of Texas

* Citizen’s Opinion Hotline [for Texas callers] : (800) 252-9600

* Information and Referral and Opinion Hotline [for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers] : (512) 463-1782

* Office of the Governor Main Switchboard : (512) 463-2000

* Citizen’s Assistance Telecommunications Device
If you are using a telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD), call 711 to reach Relay Texas

* Office of the Governor Fax:
(512) 463-1849

Mailing Address:

Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Bill Filing Begins in Texas Legislature

November 10 was the first day for Texas legislators to pre-file bills for the legislative session that runs from Jan to May. Seven bills were filed on the first day. The first bill on the list, HB 111, grew out of the case of Kenneth Foster, Jr., who was tried together with a co-defendant. When Gov Perry commuted Foster’s sentence in 1987, he said he was concerned that Foster had not had a separate trial. Chair of the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Aaron Pena’s HB 111 says, “the court may not join two or more defendants in the same criminal trial if any defendant to be tried is indicted or complained against for a capital felony, and the court shall order a severance as to any two or more defendants who are jointly indicted or complained against for a capital felony”.

If you want to see a list of bills filed so far dealing with capital punishment, click here.

We are planning a big anti-death penalty rally and lobby day in the Spring. We will announce the date later.

Click here to find out who represents you in the Texas Legislature. Contact your representatives and tell them to support a moratorium on executions and Rep Dutton’s Law of Parties bill.

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Sichuan Quake Survivors Need Help

Posted by terres on December 22, 2008

China seeks 3.6 million quilts for quake survivors

Having blown an estimated US$42 billion on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese govt now, cap in hand, begs for handouts

Source: Reuters
Date: 22 Dec 2008

BEIJING, Dec 22 (Reuters) – Quake survivors living in prefabricated housing in China’s mountainous Sichuan province need 3.6 million quilts and the same number of cotton-padded clothes to survive the winter, state media said on Monday.

More than 80,000 people were killed in the May 12 disaster, with millions now living in resettlement sites surrounded by the rubble of their old homes and facing a colder winter than normal.

“Weather experts have forecast that temperatures in the quake-hit areas will be 0.5 degree Celsius to 1 C lower than usual. The areas are likely to get more rain, snow and frost too,” the China Daily said, quoting provincial government officials.

The temperature was 4 C (39 Fahrenheit) on Monday while the temperature in the Chinese capital, Beijing, in the north, was well below freezing.

The quake damaged the homes of more than 3.5 million families in rural areas, where spartan coal-pellet heating is the norm.

“Though many of these families have been moved to proper structures, about 530,000 of them will have to stay in prefabricated houses this winter,” the newspaper said.

(Reporting by Nick Macfie)

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Bail Out the People, Not the Banks!

Posted by terres on December 19, 2008

Support Steve Millies
Defend the Right to Demand “Bail Out the People, Not the Banks!”

This Shoe is For Your

Wall Street & MTA: “This Shoe is for You!”

Yesterday, activists from the Bail Out the People Movement attended the MTA board meeting to protest proposed draconian budget cuts and fare hikes.  The increase in subway & bus fares, layoffs, and service cuts are all going to fatten the coffers of Wall Street Bankers – the same bankers who have received hundreds of billions of dollars in bailout money.

Steve Millies, a long time activist, took the podium at the meeting and denounced the MTA as “a collection agency for the biggest banks and insurance companies,” and said that the budget should be “thrown in the garbage can.”

Today’s New York Times reports:

“We don’t need any fare increases and we don’t need our transit system ravaged either,” said Mr. Millies, who said he was an Amtrak signal-tower operator and a member of the Bail Out the People Campaign, a group that has stood up for victims of the economic crisis. He called for the subway and bus fare to be reduced to $1, to help unemployed New Yorkers.

Then, referring to the authority’s chief executive, who was sitting about 15 feet away, he said: “Where is Elliot Sander?” He stooped, slipped off one of his shoes and shouted, “You made $300,000 last year.”

Immediately, authority police officers swarmed him and pushed him out of the room. He was clutching his shoe, a black, thick-soled oxford, in his hand….

“I wanted to show the sole of the shoe as a sign of contempt for someone who makes so much money and yet wants to raise fares on the disabled,” he said. He said that the authority’s plans to more than double the $2 fare for disabled passengers who use the Access-a-Ride service particularly incensed him.

He said the gesture was planned with Muntader al-Zaidi, the Iraqi shoe-thrower, in mind.

“I was very much inspired by that courageous Iraqi journalist who was protesting the occupation of his country by the American and British oil companies and their governments,” Mr. Millies said.

Mr. Millies said the ticket he was given charged him with “intent to cause a public annoyance.”

“What’s the point of having a public hearing,” he said, “unless you allow people to annoy public officials?”

Activists all around the city and country are applauding Steve Millies. He did what millions of New Yorkers, who are paying more for everything while bankers are being bailed out, would love to do.

Millies reported for work yesterday at AMTRAK, where he has been a union worker for 24 years, and was told by his supervisors to go home because of this incident.

Action Alert:

Here’s how you can help:

  • Please call the NYPD Switchboard at 1-646-610-5000 – demand that the false charges against Steve Millies be dropped.
  • Make a donation online at  Help us defend Steve Millies and continue to organize to demand “Bail Out the People Not the Banks!”

Steve Millies will be one of the many activists and community organizers attending the important January 17 Fightback Conference, held on the weekend of the 80th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 80th birthday. This important conference will include skill sharing, workshops, and planning for direct action and peoples’ intervention against fare hikes, tuition and utility increases, evictions and foreclosures, as we continue to mobilize to demand “Bail Out the People – Not the Banks!”  For information on the conference, go to


Youtube – Ch 11

Say Whatever You Want, but No Throwing Shoes (New York Times):

The shoe must go on: MTA adopts ‘miserable’ budget,0,1516669.story

Touching your shoes during conference can land you in jail!

This Shoe’s For You: Emotions Boil At MTA Hearing:

At M.T.A. Hearing, Another Shoe Almost Dropped:

Rider to MTA boss: ‘This shoe is for you!”:,0,5427568.story

This Shoe’s for you, MTA! Protester at board meeting inspired by Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush:

MTA Board Approves Fare Hike, Service Cuts:–service-cuts/Default.aspx

Disgruntled Subway Rider Attempts to Throw Shoe at MTA Boss:

Bail Out The People Movement

55 W. 17th St., 5C, New York, NY 10111

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For Whom the Orchids Flutter

Posted by terres on December 16, 2008

Importing orchids from New Zealand: An immoral act of ecological recklessness, economic extravagance and social hubris!

Disa orchids grown in New Zealand will be flown 9,000 miles to Washington DC within 24 hours of being cut for President-elect’s inauguration on January 20, 2009.

See Original Entry:

Orchids from ‘Hell’ for Obama Inauguration

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Menezes Inquest: A Sick Legal Farce

Posted by terres on December 12, 2008

submitted by a reader

Menezes verdict choice restricted

“You won’t be able to consider a verdict of unlawful killing,” said the White Rabbit to the jurors.

“Why bother with an inquest, if the end result is decided in advance?” Asked Alice.

Sir Michael [in Wonderland] Wright, the coroner at the three-month-long inquest of Jean Charles de Menezes assassination by British secret police, told the jurors a verdict of unlawful killing was not allowed.

The White Rabbit: “Remember, NO unlawful killing verdict allowed!” Image may be subject to copyright.

The jury was forced to return either an open verdict, or lawful killing.  And they returned an open verdict!

In legal jargon, an”open verdict” means, “cause of death unknown or unstated.” In Menezes “Alice in Wonderland” inquest, it meant “we are not allowed to say the assassination was unlawful killing!”

“Mr Menezes’ family had earlier withdrawn from the inquest after the coroner told the jury they would not be able to return a verdict of unlawful death at the hands of police.

A lawyer for the Menezes family said it was the best verdict they could hope for since jury was not allowed the verdict of  “unlawful killing.”

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Thai police, pushed by Britain, arrest sex tourists

Posted by terres on December 11, 2008

Child Sex Tourists Arrested in Thailand

Two Britons, an American and a German were arrested by Thai police on suspicion of child sex abuse in the beach town of Pattaya today.

The suspects, aged between 45 and 66, were caught with hundreds of photos and videos of abused young boys in a joint operation between Thai police and Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center (CEOP). Reuters reported.

The suspects face up to 20 years in prison, if found guilty.

Thailand is long regarded as a paradise for child sex abusers, and tens of thousands of sex tourists from EU countries, New Zealand, United States and other wealthy nations visit the country each year.

“We are appealing to the victims of these pedophiles to come out so we can press more charges against them,” chief investigator Police Colonel Suvichpol Imjairat told reporters.

The arrests sent a message to European pedophiles they cannot “evade capture by traveling to countries where law enforcement is thought to be weaker.”

“Britons who travel abroad to abuse children in the belief they can evade justice are a UK problem and we have a duty to protect every child, everywhere,” CEOP chief executive Jim Gamble said.

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World Poverty: 1 in 7 Hungry

Posted by terres on December 11, 2008

15 percent of world population, more than 1 in 7 people, are malnourished!

This year 963 million people, about 40 million more than in 2007, have been pushed into hunger primarily due to higher food prices, according to preliminary estimates published by FAO. Even more people could fall deeper into the abyss of poverty and hunger, warns FAO.

If the FAO figures are not underestimated, as the Moderators believe they are, then 15 percent of world population, more than 1 in 7 people, are malnourished!

UN officials say hunger kills a child every 6 seconds.

Undernourishment by country (% of population undernourished)

Vulnerability to hunger is reflected in this map of the global state of undernourishment. Undernourished people are unable to obtain the food they need from production or imports, either because it is not available or because they cannot afford it.  Source: FAO 2000 . Image may be subject to copyright.

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    “Government murderers!”

    Posted by terres on December 10, 2008

    Image of the day: Corruption, rising unemployment and poverty

    A protester throws a stone at policemen guarding Greece’s parliament in Athens December 10, 2008. REUTERS/Yiorgos Karahalis. Image may be subject to copyright!

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    Stalinist Democracy!

    Posted by terres on December 2, 2008

    Stalinist democracy in the United Kingdom, one of the world’s most comprehensive police states, is safe in the hands of politician thugs like “Blair Babe” Jacqui Smith.

    Where does David Miliband come into it? Just wait and see!

    Damian Green, the shadow immigration minister, speaks to the media outside the House of Commons after his arrest. Green’s home was raided by nine  British anti-terror police who arrested him. Green’s phone was bugged by the authorities, which would have required written authorization signed by Jacqui Smith. Photograph: Carl Court/PA. Image may be subject to copyright.

    Blair Babe” Jacqui Smith. As British Home Secretary she is in charge of policing, national security, immigration, and matters of citizenship. Image may be subject to copyright.

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