Fundamental Human Rights

The Right to a Sustainable Future [Filtered & blocked by Google!]


Index of Human Rights Abuses in Australia

(Under Construction!)

“Australia and NZ remained unrepentant for their brutal suppression of indigenous independence movements in the Pacific. They rationalized such behavior as enhancing the welfare of the Islands and the human development of their people – just as they justified similar behavior towards indigenous peoples in their own countries”

Stop Aboriginal Genocide on Stolen Aboriginal Land
Australia is built on stolen land
Racism and Australia [Trinity College Portal]
Australia and Human Rights
Does the Israeli Tail Wag the American Dog?

Australia: The Secret Shame

Cathy Freeman’s broad Olympic smile is being used to conceal a multitude of Australia’s original sins
Racism in Australia
Australia Undermining Global Human Rights
Wake up Australia, racism is a problem

One Response to “Australia”

  1. lionel said

    as an Australian we are trained to only be interested in local district affairs unless the USA tells us

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