Fundamental Human Rights

The Right to a Sustainable Future [Filtered & blocked by Google!]

Editorial Policy

Unsolicited Comments

1. RTSF moderators invite intelligent comments.
2. However, they have no obligation to publish unsolicited comments.
3. Comments may be edited or rejected.
4. Moderators strongly discourage comments that are considered to be

  • Puerile, nebulous, uncivil, or petulant
  • Jingoistic, chauvinistic, racist or xenophobic (or promoting religious, extreme agendas)
  • Fallacious arguments (Ignoratio Elenchi, argumentum ad verecundiam, Petitio Principii, Circulus in Probando, Non Sequitur, Plurium Interrogationum, argumentum verbosium…)
  • Uninformed, inappropriate (irrelevant, monotonous, interminable)
  • Misleading, nonsensical
  • Sci-fi, extra terrestrial, cult fodder (bible prophesy, ancient mythology, Mayan calender, New Age …)
  • Commercial ads.

If RTSF editorial policy is not to your liking, consider starting your own blog (try and have your say, unedited!

Good Luck!

2 Responses to “Editorial Policy”

  1. Freak said

    Actually, I bet you just censor comments that don’t agree with you…

    Like this one…

  2. terres said

    Comments that are sensible and do not breach the Editorial Policy would be published.

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