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“A Fascist Nation of Human Rights Violations”

Posted by terres on October 23, 2007

New Zealand Must Stop Repression of Maori!

by Harry Saloor
The Management School of
Restorative Business (MSRB)

The Management School of Restorative Business and Creating A Sustainable Future Organizations unequivocally condemn the state repression of Maori and demand an end to the government atrocities against them.

New Zealand is a “one-party” timocratic monarchical oligarchy. It could also be described as a synarchy, or a crypto-military fascist police state. NZ began its shameful existence in rivers of Maori blood. About 85 percent of Maori were slaughtered by the genocidal land thieves, who then stole more than 95 percent of Maori land. New Zealand’s assassins in uniform continue to satisfy their bloodlust by murdering “colored” people in serial massacres and blood orgies from Korea to Malaysia, Indonesia to Borneo, Vietnam… Afghanistan to Iraq.

The NZ Prime Minister and key members of her cabinets are NAZIS. In the dawn of 21st century this is simply unacceptable. We demand that these individuals be removed from office immediately and be indicted for crimes against humanity! The New Zealand’s Gestapo, their so called “Secret [sic] Intelligence [sic] Service [sic]” must be disbanded immediately and the pathetic clowns that operate it be extradited to their countries of origin to be tried for crimes against humanity.

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2 Responses to ““A Fascist Nation of Human Rights Violations””

  1. Be precise about your rhetoric. If you lived under actual fascism, you would be underground. This blog would be shut down.

    The crimes against the Maori are crimes of bourgeoise democracy, not fascism.


  2. terres said

    Renegade Eye

    Some Maori sites have been shut down recently. Maori live under actual fascism. READ previous posts and links. If this site was in New Zealand, it too would probably be shut down.

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