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Australian Gestapo Raid Journalist Office

Posted by terres on April 30, 2008

Police ransack journalist’s office over article criticising government

Police hoods raided the offices of The Sunday Times this afternoon seeking documents concerning an article written by staff reporter Paul Lampathakis in February in which he criticized the Perth Labor government.

Mr Lampathakis had reported that 16 million dollars of taxpayers’ money had been allocated to the government election campaign.

Mr Lampathakis called the raid “an astounding attack on free speech” and told reporters that he was disgusted by what has happened.

“I was astounded actually. I assumed I was living in a democracy. Obviously my definition of democracy and their definition of democracy are two different things.

“The article pertained to public funds, taxpayer funds being used for politically based advertising.

“It’s an incredible attack on free speech. I would think taxpayer dollars being used for politically based advertising would be reporting in the public interest.”

According to a Sunday Times journalist, Bruce Butler, police also interviewed editor Sam Weir for about an hour.

Chris Warren from the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance said: “To use police in this way, to go into a newsroom; to search a newsroom; to harass journalists to try to identify a confidential source is I think just an outrageous abuse of state power.”

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