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Look What Military Taught Me

Posted by terres on November 5, 2009

Mr Obama, Stop this War Racket!

Look What Military Taught Me!  Look What War Did to Me!

Twelve people have been killed and at least 31 others injured in a shooting rampage at a military base in Texas.

fort hood reuters
The main gate at the US Army base Fort Hood. The tombstone for so many victims of the War Racket.

The incident reportedly occurred shortly before a graduation ceremony for soldiers was due to start at the base. Fort Hood  is  used as a “Soldier Readiness Facility,” preparing soldiers for overseas deployment. The shooting rampage started at about 1:30 pm CST.

“The shooter was killed. He was a soldier. We since then have apprehended two additional soldiers that are suspects. There were eyewitness accounts that there may have been more than one shooter,” Cone said.

About 500 soldiers were deployed to lock down Fort Hood as Army helicopters hovered overhead, it was reported.

Outburst of violence

Mr Obama said it was a “horrific outburst of violence.” He added: “It is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on American soil.”

Outburst of violence, indeed. What did this guy think they do in the military, just hold hands,  sing songs and dance. Someone please tell Mr Obama it’s the military, the War Racket, that teaches otherwise good men how to kill.

“I don’t know how anybody can speculate about motives at this time given how few facts we have,” said Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell.

For that, you have to close your eyes and keep them shut;  it takes monumental efforts to forget about all other similar incidents that have occurred previously, and will reoccur in the future, again and again.

“A U.S. Army official in Washington said the incident took place shortly before a scheduled graduation event at the base.” Reuters reported.

Fort Hood is located halfway between Austin and Waco, Texas about 95 km (60 miles) from either city.

“Collateral Damage” of the Worst Kind

  • In September 2008  a  1st Cavalry Division soldier shot an officer to death and then shot himself.
  • A jury in Kentucky found former US soldier, Steven Green, 24, guilty of rape and murder of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl, Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, and murder of her parents and younger sister.
  • A US soldier shot dead five of his colleagues at Camp Liberty, a base near the Iraqi capital Baghdad on May 11, 2009.
  • Captain Phillip Esposito and First Lieutenant Louis Allen were killed by fragging on June 7, 2005, at Forward Operating Base Danger in Tikrit, Iraq.

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