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Illegal Occupation, Illegal Wall

Posted by terres on July 9, 2009

Rights without remedy: The impact of Israel’s illegal Wall in the occupied Palestinian territory on the human rights of the Palestinian people, five years after the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice

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The 10 things that gave away the laughable FBI plot

Posted by terres on May 25, 2009

The following entry was posted at an affiliated blog and is mirrored  here because of its human right aspect:

Four Men and a ‘Dud’ Stinger Missile

“Anti-Semitic” AND “Unpatriotic!”

“Four men were arrested Wednesday night in what the authorities said was a plot to bomb two synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down military planes at an Air National Guard base in Newburgh, N.Y.,” New York Times headline said.

Immediate reaction #1: Aha, so the master plotter is a “graduate” of Frankfurt School and Authoritarian Personality!

The Authoritarian Personality, an influential theory of personality was developed by Frankfurt School’s Jewish intellectuals, who later moved to University of California, Berkeley. The Authoritarian Personality, a book of the same name, which was written by Theodor W Adorno, and published in 1950, makes all [non-Jewish] group affiliation as if they are caused by mental disorder [insanity.] Patriotism [except when it’s to the state of Israel,] religion [with the exception of  Judaism], family [excluding Jewish families,] racial identity [Jewishness exempted,] loyalty [unless it’s to the state of Israel,] superstition,  power and “toughness” [except when it’s used against the enemies of Israel,] destructiveness and cynicism [again, with the exception of Israel’s,] and “exaggerated concerns over sexuality” are regarded as signs of a dysfunctional, dangerous and defective “authoritarian personality.”

Further, drawing distinctions between the groups are considered illegitimate, and therefore all group loyalties, including close family ties are regarded as “prejudice.”

The Jewish intellectuals who founded the Frankfort School  consider “anti-Semitism” a sign of mental illness. Adorno stipulates that the authoritarian is predisposed to “commitment to tradition,” among other traits, and combines “Anti-Semitism” and “Emotional Disorder [insanity]” as one of the same.  In other words, if you are an “anti-Semite” you must necessarily be insane, too. And it follows [sic] that all insane people must be “Jew-haters.”

Why else would you plot to blow up TWO  synagogues with “play clay,” and shoot down a military plane or two with “dud” Stinger missiles simultaneously?

Christopher Lasch, the well-known American historian, moralist and social critic, wrote:

Authoritarian Personality leads to the conclusion that prejudice “could be eradicated only by subjecting the American people to what amounted to collective psychotherapy – by treating them as inmates of an insane asylum.”

What’s the Frankfurt School?

The Frankfurt School, otherwise known as the Institute of Social Research, was founded in Frankfurt, Germany, during the Weimar period by a Jewish millionaire but was closed down by the Nazis shortly after they took power. Most of its staff and Jewish intellectuals fled to the United States and the institute reconstituted itself at UC Berkeley. Headed by Max Horkheimer, the group’s top echelon were T.W. Adorno, Erich Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse, all of whom had strong Jewish identities. Horkheimer made no secret of the partisan nature of the institute’s activities: ‘Research would be able here to transform itself directly into propaganda,’ he wrote.

“The men, all of whom live in Newburgh, about 60 miles north of New York City, were arrested around 9 p.m. after planting what they believed to be bombs in cars outside the Riverdale Temple and the nearby Riverdale Jewish Center, officials said. But the men did not know the bombs, obtained with the help of an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, were fake.” NYTimes article said.

Immediate reaction #2: Aha, the master plotter doubles as a “scriptwriter” for blue movies in his spare time.

Were did the accused get their training to plant bombs? Fake bombs, or not, how did the men know it was “safe” for them to handle the bombs? How did they trust their supplier? How did they know the bombs would work, since they didn’t buy it from Wal-Mart? Did they do a dummy run in the woods outside Newburgh?

“The arrests capped what officials described as a ‘painstaking investigation’ that began in June 2008 involving an F.B.I. agent who had been told by a federal informant of the men’s desire to attack targets in America. As part of the plot, the men intended to fire Stinger missiles at military aircraft at the base, which is at Stewart International Airport, officials said.” Said NYTimes.

Immediate reaction # 3. Aha, there’s more than one master plotter because the plot is stretched too thin, and about to lose grip.

You want a Stinger Missile? Ask Santa! Right a wish list and post it to Santa Clause, North Pole. Hang up your socks and wait. Remember, when Santa arrives, pretend you’re sleep. Don’t embarrass Santa by pulling on his false beard, or try to identify him. FBI entrapment agents are very shy and may spoil your wish.

“‘This latest attempt to attack our freedoms shows that the homeland security threats against New York City are sadly all too real and underscores why we must remain vigilant in our efforts to prevent terrorism,’ Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said in a statement. The mayor was expected to appear at 6:45 a.m. Thursday at the Riverdale Jewish Center morning services, joined by Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.” Said NYTimes.

Immediate reaction # 4. Aha, did you also wonder where this was leading to?

Remember what Prof. Horkheimer said? He wrote: “Research would be able here to transform itself directly into propaganda.’

“The charges against the four men represent some of the most significant allegations of domestic terrorism in some time, and come months into a new presidential administration, as President Obama grapples with the question of how to handle detainees at the Guantánamo Bay camp in Cuba.” NYT said.

Immediate reaction #5: Aha, wondered when the Gitmo connection comes into crosshair.

Guantánamo Bay prison is the cabal’s ‘anti-terrorism’ sacred cow, and must not be allowed to shut down. President Obama cannot be seen as a mature president who could undo with a stroke of a pen, what Bush-Cheney gang have sacrificed the lives of more than 2 million Iraqis, Afghans… and Americans to set up!

“Rabbi Jonathan I. Rosenblatt, the senior rabbi at the Riverdale Jewish Center, a modern Orthodox congregation, said the police informed him on Wednesday evening that his synagogue was a target of the plot, as well as the Riverdale Temple, a Reform synagogue that is a short distance away, on Independence Avenue. The two buildings are about six blocks apart, each with a brick facade. Outside the synagogues on Wednesday night, the streets were eerily quiet.” Said NYT

Immediate reaction #6: Aha, the master-plotters must be the same guys who “got away” with the previous laughable false-flag scripts.

If the authorities knew that the bombs and the Stinger missile were fake, why did they have to disturb the pious Rabbi?

“Law enforcement officials identified the four men arrested as James Cromitie, David Williams, Onta Williams and Laguerre Payen, all of Newburgh. One is of Haitian descent, according to law enforcement officials, and at least three were United States citizens. They are all Muslim, a law enforcement official said.” NYTimes said, retracting an earlier print:

“Correction: May 22, 2009 [paragraph break] An article in some editions on Thursday about the arrests of four men suspected in what the authorities said was a plot to bomb two synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down military planes at an Air National Guard base in Newburgh, N.Y., included erroneous descriptions from a law enforcement official about the men’s ethnic origins. One is a Haitian immigrant and the other three are African-Americans; none are of Arabic descent.”

“Mr. Cromitie had told the informant that he was upset about the war in Afghanistan and that that he wanted to “do something to America.” Mr. Cromitie stated “the best target” — the World Trade Center — “was hit already,” according to the complaint.” NYT added

Immediate reaction #7. Aha, maximizing propaganda value by reinforcing the validity [sic] of the official account of 9/11, which in turn reinforces other “terror plots.”

“Mr. Kelly told Jewish leaders Wednesday evening that the attackers planned simultaneous attacks, and the men planned to leave the bombs in the cars in front of the two synagogues, drive back to Newburgh and retrieve cellphone-detonating devices and then proceed with the attack on the air base— simultaneously shooting down aircraft while remotely setting off the devices in the cars.”

Immediate reaction #8. Aha, the plot is struggling to survive, now.

If you can’t see why, read what Mr Kelly told the Jewish readers again, until you realize why it came from a ridiculous plot based on a comic script.

“On Wednesday night, they planted one of the mock improvised explosive devices in a trunk of a car outside the temple and two mock bombs in the back seat of a car outside the Jewish center, the authorities said. Shortly thereafter, police officers swooped in and broke the windows on the suspects’ black sport utility vehicle and charged them with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction within the United States and conspiracy to acquire and use antiaircraft missiles.” NYT said.

“A federal law enforcement official described the plot as ‘aspirational’ — meaning that the suspects wanted to do something but had no weapons or explosives — and described the operation as a sting with a cooperator within the group.” NYT added.

Immediate reaction #9. Aha, this plot was also designed to serve as yet another reason for pushing the populace even further in the “big Brother” direction by making “thoughtcrime” an official crime.

How could anyone be arrested, other than for nuisance-making, for planting “play clay” under a car? Could Hollywood moviemakers, directors, actors and producers also be arrested for using fake weapons to “kill” millions of Jews and gentiles alike every year?

“‘It was fully controlled at all times,’ a law enforcement official said.” NYTimes article said.

“Stewart International Airport is used by the New York Air National Guard and United States Air Force, according to the complaint, and it stores aircraft used to transport military supplies and personnel to the military in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Immediate reaction # 10. Aha, it had to be a classic FBI entrapment case!

If the FBI “informants” had not kindled the group’s aspiration, what must have been relentless encouragement for attempting to blow up a synagogue, fanning the flame of  “motive” for the fake bombing; if they hadn’t facilitated the “means” by way of providing the money to buy the expensive fake weapons, explosives and all the necessary paraphernalia, instructions and training on how to use them; if they had not created the “opportunity” by way of providing information, connections and logistics, there would have been no Jewish casualties [!] and no one would have been arrested.

[Note: Let’s pretend for a moment the four patsies are not ex con, down-and-out junkies, who would go along with any idea, say anything, even confess to crimes they haven’t committed for the sake of getting their next fix, or have the charges dropped for possession. Did the FBI “brainwash,” or blackmail them?]

“This was a very serious threat that could have cost many, many lives if it had gone through,” Representative Peter T. King, Republican from Long Island, said in an interview with WPIX-TV. “It would have been a horrible, damaging tragedy. There’s a real threat from homegrown terrorists and also from jailhouse converts.” NYT said.

Oh, steady on, Rep King, it was just a fake Stinger missile. And don’t worry; FBI will never sell real explosives or functional Stinger missiles to would-be terrorists. [Could they?]

“Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, said in a statement: ‘If there can be any good news from this terror scare it’s that this group was relatively unsophisticated, infiltrated early, and not connected to another terrorist group. This incident shows that we must always be vigilant against terrorism—foreign or domestic.’”NYT reported.

Thanks for making a smart remark, Senator. I ask you, could anyone other than a “relatively unsophisticated” group be so stupid to fall for this preposterous FBI entrapment script?

Whatever the outcome of this case, and whether or not the judge would throw out the case for anyone of the reasons described above, the purpose of this FBI publicity stunt was  to score a point which may have a long-lasting subliminal effect on most people via the the following circular fallacy:

“ANTI-SEMITIC” people are INSANE and BECAUSE insane people are UNPATRIOTIC, therefore, “Jew-Haters” pose a grave danger to our national security!

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Time Iran Cleaned Up Its Human Rights Act!

Posted by terres on May 2, 2009

Iran hangs young female offender

Iran has hanged a juvenile female offender after six years in prison following a conviction for murder, her lawyer said.

Delara Darabi, 23, was hanged on Friday in a prison in Rasht in the absence of her family or legal representation added Mohammad Mostafaei.

She was only 17 when she committed her crime, making her a juvenile.

The sentence has prompted condemnation from international human rights groups.

Mostafaei said the execution was a violation of Iranian law which bans the execution of a criminal in the absence of the lawyer.

He also said execution of juvenile offenders was a “gross violation of international law” and a “flagrant breach of Iran’s international obligations and commitments”.

Copyright © 2009 The Press Association. All rights reserved.

‘Save me’

[From BBC] The head of the Iranian judiciary recently granted a two-month stay of execution.

But according to her lawyer this order was simply disregarded by the prison authorities, who provided no notice of the execution.

The BBC’s Jon Leyne in Tehran says that early on Friday morning Delara Darabi made a desperate phone call to her parents, saying she could see the hangman’s noose.

“Mother they are going to execute me, please save me,” she said.

Who’s Delara Darabi

[From Wikipedia] Delara Darabi (September 29, 1986 – May 1, 2009), was an Iranian woman executed after being convicted of murdering her father’s cousin. She was allegedly 17 years old when the murder took place. Darabi initially confessed to the crime, but later denied committing it. The victim, who was stabbed to death, was the mother of three children.

She was born in city of Rasht (Province of Gilan), where she was a high-school student before her arrest. She had three sisters.

According to Delara, the murder of her father’s female cousin was committed by the 19 year old boyfriend, with whom she was in love. Delara Darabi initially confessed to the murder, but soon retracted her confession. She claims that Amir Hossein asked her to admit responsibility for the murder to protect him from execution, believing that as she was under the age of 18, she could not be sentenced to death.

Delara Darabi was sentenced to death by a lower court in the northern city of Rasht. The sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court. She maintained her innocence, and claimed that she was under the influence of sedatives during the burglary. At this stage the Head of the Judiciary had the power to order a stay of execution and a review of the case. Her male friend reportedly received a prison sentence of 10 years for his involvement in the crime.

More …

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Windmills; NOT Toxic Spills

Posted by terres on February 6, 2009

Submitted by: [MJ info] Power Past Coal Weekly Update! Save Coal River Mountain:

There were 26 actions on coal issues during the first 14 days of Power Past Coal! We are well on track to having one or more actions in all 50 states! As the New York Times said, it was A Tough Week for Coal.

Please get involved and register your events working for clean energy and against the injustices of the coal industry on

Protesters chained themselves to an excavator at a coal operation in West Virginia on Tuesday. (Photo: West Virginia Blue/Flickr). Image may be subject to copyright.


Yesterday, fourteen Appalachian citizens were arrested on CoalRiverMountain in Whitesville, West Virginia while defending their community from a blast that would destroy the area’s wind potential and risk another sludge spill. For two years, residents of CoalRiverValley have advocated a clean alternative to mountaintop removal: a wind farm that would provide nearly two-thousand new jobs and keep energy tax dollars invested in the local community.

But West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin has ignored these pleas, and Massey Energy Company is prepared to blast CoalRiverMountain any day.

You can help CoalRiver citizens take their fight to Washington. Emails are helpful, but calls are even better. Think of CoalRiverMountain as a symbol of our nation’s challenge – in the heart of coal country, this mountain is where a true transition from old, dirty coal to clean, just energy begins.

But stories like this one are surfacing in all corners of the country. In the first fourteen days of Power Past Coal, we’ve seen twenty-six actions in fifteen different states. In Odem, Texas, Fernando Rocha has taken up the fight for a cleaner alternative to a power plant planned thirty miles south of his neighborhood. In Great Falls, Montana, regulatory concerns and lawsuits have convinced energy developers to scrap plans for a coal plant – they’ll build a wind farm and natural gas facility instead. And in a flurry of activity across Appalachia, communities have gathered to lobby their local leaders on issues from sludge safety to energy efficiency.

There are countless ways you can be part of the Power Past Coal movement. Start or join an action as part of these first 100 Days. Come to Powershift. Tell your friends and neighbors about Power Past Coal. Write a letter to the editor. Spread this letter far and wide.

This project works when it’s powered by people like you.

Sierra, and the Power Past Coal team

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US academic and cultural boycott of Israel

Posted by terres on January 30, 2009

U.S. Academic Boycott of Israel

For first time, U.S. professors call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel

01.29.2009 | Haaretz
By Raphael Ahren

In the wake of Operation Cast Lead, a group of American university professors has for the first time launched a national campaign calling for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

While Israeli academics have grown used to such news from Great Britain, where anti-Israel groups several times attempted to establish academic boycotts, the formation of the United States movement marks the first time that a national academic boycott movement has come out of America. Israeli professors are not sure yet how big of an impact the one-week-old movement will have, but started discussing the significance of and possible counteractions against the campaign.

“As educators of conscience, we have been unable to stand by and watch in silence Israel’s indiscriminate assault on the Gaza Strip and its educational institutions,” the U.S. Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel stated in its inaugural press release last Thursday. Speaking in its mission statement of the “censorship and silencing of the Palestine question in U.S. universities, as well as U.S. society at large,” the group follows the usual pattern of such boycotts, calling for “non-violent punitive measures” against Israel, such as the implementation of divestment initiatives, “similar to those applied to South Africa in the apartheid era.”

The campaign was founded by a group of 15 academics, mostly from California, but is, “currently expanding to create a network that embraces the United States as a whole,” according to David Lloyd, a professor of English at the University of Southern California who responded on behalf of the group to a Haaretz query. “The initiative was in the first place impelled by Israel’s latest brutal assault on Gaza and by our determination to say enough is enough.”

“The response has been remarkable given the extraordinary hold that lobbying organizations like AIPAC exert over  and over the U.S. media, and in particular given the campaign of intimidation that has been leveled at academics who dare to criticize Israel’s policies,” Lloyd wrote in an e-mail to Haaretz Monday. “Within a short weekend since the posting of the press release, more than 80 academics from all over the country have endorsed the action and the numbers continue to grow.”

Asked if the group would accept the endorsement of Hamas supporters, Lloyd said, “We have no a priori policy with regard to the membership or affiliation of supporters of the boycott so long as they are in accord with the main aims stated in the press release.”

He argued that, “on several occasions Hamas has sought direct negotiations with Israel, a pursuit that constitutes de facto recognition of Israel, and has openly discussed abandoning its call for the destruction of the state of Israel conditional on reciprocal guarantees from Israel.”

Lloyd wrote that to the best of his knowledge, all supporters of the anti-Israel boycott were also opposed to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Asked if logic wouldn’t dictate that he and his colleagues boycott themselves, he responded, “Self-boycott is a difficult concept to realize. But speaking for myself, I would have supported and honored such a boycott had it been proposed by my colleagues overseas.”

Durban bred, British approved

The idea of an academic boycott against Israel originated in 2001 at the “World Conference Against Racism” in Durban, South Africa. A first attempt to implement a boycott was undertaken by British professors in the wake of Israel’s 2002 Operation Defensive Shield and the Jenin massacre claim. Since then, British academics tried several times to establish boycotts, with the latest such effort failing because legal advisers a few months ago pointed out that academic boycotts are discriminatory and thus illegal. Yet, analysts say that another British boycott campaign is to be expected in the follow up of Cast Lead.

In the U.S., on the other hand, only a few professors have supported the idea of an academic boycott. In 2006, the American Association of University Professors declared its objection to the British boycott, saying members, “especially oppose selective academic boycotts that entail an ideological litmus test.”

In 2007, nearly 300 university presidents across the United States signed a statement denouncing the boycott, under the motto “Boycott Israeli Universities? Boycott Ours, Too!”

First indications that the climate might change in light of the Gaza operation could be seen earlier this month when the Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario proposed, “Israeli academics be barred from speaking, teaching or conducting research at the province’s universities unless they condemn Israel’s actions in Gaza,” as the Inside Higher Ed Web site reported.

Not a mass movement

Israeli academics are hesitant to sound the alarm bells in light of the recent development. “One has to look at this with some degree of caution,” said Gerald Steinberg, the American-educated chair of Bar Ilan University’s political studies department. “Yes, the organization’s declarations are coming from the United States, but this is not at all yet a mass movement.”

Jonathan Rynhold, who also teaches political science at Bar Ilan, explained that boycott movements are rare in America, “because the U.S. has much stronger political culture and laws about freedom of speech than the UK. In America, there is stronger sense that one should be able to think and say whatever one wants.”

“What they’re trying to do,” Rynhold continued in his analysis of anti-Israel boycotts, “is blurring the distinction between criticism of Israeli policies and criticism of Israel’s existence. Their game is to move the liberals, who accept Israel’s right to exist and don’t think Israel is wrong every time but criticize Israeli policies as and when they think it’s right, and turn them into radical left-wing critics [who believe] Israel is racist in its core and everything it does is wrong.”

Rynhold and Steinberg said that the new U.S. campaign is a clone of its British predecessors. The two professors, who were both born in England, speak out of experience. When the original boycott movement arose – initially attacking only Bar Ilan and Haifa University – they were among the co-founders of the International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom, which was fighting the boycott but ultimately folded for lack of funding. Although none of the previous boycott efforts were successful, Steinberg is concerned about every new round. While he said that it’s too early to predict the impact of the U.S. boycott, he sharply criticized the Israeli government and local universities for their handling of the previous boycott.

“The government and the universities have completely neglected not just the academic boycott but in general this kind of soft war,” he said. “The military prepared to go into Gaza for two and half years. But in terms of the boycott movement, both the ministry of education and the foreign ministry – which had pledged support for the existing anti-boycott frameworks – completely failed to prepare their own portfolios for this.”

“The battle is just beginning now,” Steinberg added. “The main response will have to come from American academics who find this kind of bias to be unacceptable and will fight it. But for those of us in Israel who are interested in helping to be a catalyst in that process, the funding has been completely cut off. There was the naive view that having won a few battles in Britain meant the war had been won.” Yet, giving the boycotters too much attention might be counterproductive, Steinberg emphasized.

Effective counterattacks need to be prepared, he said, “but at the same time we must not overreact and provide stimulation and amplification to this process – that is precisely what they’re seeking.”

Other pro-Israel advocates are less hesitant and soft-spoken in their assessment of the U.S. boycott.

“The usual anti-Israel suspects in U.S. universities may sign on to the petition, but it won’t amount to much,” predicted Mitchell Bard, executive director at the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, which seeks to strengthen the pro-Israel camp at American colleges. “If it becomes a widespread effort, I’m sure some effort will be given to countering it, but it is out of touch with the mood in the country,” he said. “Israel has near record high support, [U.S. President Barack] Obama has just taken office with a positive message and the focus will be on moving the peace process forward, not sideshows by anti-Semites and cranks among American pseudo-academics.” Copyright the author or news agency.

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Thailand must get its act together, or face the consequences!

Posted by terres on January 24, 2009

Burmese and Bangladeshi migrants were set adrift at sea by Thai military forces

Survivors claim that about 1,000 Myanmar refugees, mostly from the Rohingya ethnic minority from western Burma, were towed out to sea and abandoned on boats without engines by Thailand’s navy. Human rights groups say refugees were forced  to climb aboard the boats when Thai military threw four of them into the sea. At least 300 migrants are missing, presumed drowned.

Indian Coast Guards help refugees off a barge in the Andaman islands, India, Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008. The Thai navy stands accused of  forcing several hundred migrants onto a barge in the middle of the ocean, where some 300 later drowned. More than 100 were rescued by Indian authorities in the remote Andaman islands. (AP Photo/Indian Coast Guard, handout).

The Rohingya are a stateless ethnic group that fled to Bangladesh to escape persecution in Burma where they are often used by the military regime as forced labor.

Thousands of Bangladeshis and Rohingyas  leave Bangladesh each year to find work in Malaysia. They risk their lives aboard ramshackle boats and rafts to Thailand then overland to Malaysia.

“Two migrants told a refugees’ advocacy group they were among hundreds detained and beaten by Thai authorities on a remote island and abandoned in the Indian Ocean in boats with no engines,” Associated Press reported.

“It was the second time the group has released testimony from Bangladeshi and Rohingya illegal migrants who allege the Thai navy has left hundreds of them at sea twice since December. About 300 are believed to have drowned in one of the incidents.”

The refugees say they were were headed from Bangladesh to Thailand when Thai naval gunboats intercepted their boats on or about December 27,  2008. They, together with hundreds of other refugees,  were detained and taken to a deserted Thai island in the Andaman Sea, where they “survived on banana leaves and handfuls of rice and were beaten by guards whom they identified as Thai security forces.”

Having initially categorically denied the human rights breaches, the Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has since said his officials will investigate the accusations.

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NEXT: A Call to Boycott Thailand, if Human Right Abuses Continue

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The Tale of Two Policemen

Posted by terres on October 3, 2008

submitted by a reader

One, a hero with a conscience who felt responsible for a lapse in judgment; the other a racist heavy in uniform, who had to be booted out of office!

Lt. Michael W. Pigott: A “Hero”

Lt. Michael W. Pigott, 46, a 21-year veteran of the NYPD, who had won 20 police medals over the course of his career, committed suicide Thursday, NYPD officials said.

Lt. Pigott gave the order to fire a Taser stun gun at an emotionally disturbed man who then fell to his death in Brooklyn on September 24.

Inman Morales, right, fell to his death after being stunned by police with a Taser gun while he was standing on the ledge of a building. Source: Mail online. Image may be subject to copyright.

“The lieutenant was deeply distraught and extremely remorseful over the death of Iman Morales in Brooklyn last week,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said at a press conference. “Sadly, his death just compounds the tragedy of the loss of Mr. Morales.”

Lieutenant Pigott committed suicide on the morning of Mr. Morales’s funeral.

Sir Ian Blair, Britain’s top policeman: A Racist, ‘Nasty Piece of Work’ to the Very End

The mayor of London:  “There comes a time in any organization when it becomes clear it would benefit from new leadership and clarity of purpose. I believe that time is now.”

Under the leadership of Sir Ian Blair, unnamed London Met Police officers shot and killed Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, on July 22, 2005. Menezes, a Brazilian national living in south London, was “mistaken” for a terrorist and was shot at least seven times in the head and once in the shoulder at close range, execution style, by at least two police executioners using hollow point bullets. A senior police source said that Menezes’ body had been “unrecognisable.”

Only after truth of  the cold-blooded murder was leaked to the press did the London Metropolitan police executioners admit that they had made a “mistake!” The officers who killed Menezes have not been charged.

Murdered in cold blood by the UK Police : Jean Charles de Menezes. (Photo: Daily Mail, UK). Image may be subject to copyright.

Born to Kill: The Disgraced Sir Ian Blair. (Source: Daily Mail, UK). Image may be subject to copyright.

Perhaps Sir Ian Blair [related to Tony Blair?] could take a leaf from Lt. Pigott’s book and save those of his colleagues with a semblance of integrity the indignity and embarrassment by association!

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“Bush has no right to lecture about human rights”

Posted by terres on August 22, 2008

A message from Ramsey Clark

“Bush has no right to lecture about human rights”

compel congress
Please make a donation today so that the movement to Impeach and Indict Bush and Cheney will keep growing. Click this link to donate online or by sending a check.

A price the American people are paying for the failure of the House of Representatives to impeach Bush, Cheney and their cabal for crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity — the greatest assaults on peace and human rights of this century — is the Bush Administration’s bellicose drum beat for war against a widening circle of chosen enemies.

Imagine George Bush with the blood of a million Afghans and Iraqis on his hands, the shame of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo hanging around his neck, having trashed the Bill of Rights, the Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, lecturing China for violating human rights at the World Olympics in Beijing, a hopeful symbol of international cooperation through the peaceful competition of athletes in friendship.

Imagine George Bush lecturing Russia on human rights after insisting on putting U.S. (not NATO) Star War missile sites on the Russian border in Poland and the Czech Republic despite the tragic lessons of the Cold War, all told the greatest crime in history. Among its costs are expenditures that could have provided food for all, vastly reduced poverty on the planet, progressed toward quality universal health care, education and housing for everyone. Instead it took more lives by military violence on five continents and greater military expenditures than World War II and released the genie of nuclear weapons to a status beyond control. Can the planet survive another arms race? And what was George Bush planning when he urged immediate admission of Georgia to NATO just months before Georgia invaded South Ossetia?

Imagine George Bush who committed wars of aggression, the “Supreme International Crime,” against Afghanistan and Iraq, invading and occupying both, judging Russia’s conduct as” unacceptable,” and demanding withdrawal of Russian forces because it sent troops into Georgia to protect the population of South Ossetia and Abkhazia from an invasion by Georgia that killed citizens and peace keepers alike, destroyed property and had driven tens of thousands from their homes.

Nor was Georgia a stranger to Russia. It had been a part of Russia since 1801 for nearly all the last two centuries. It had great power within the USSR. Joseph Stalin was from Georgia, as were L. P. Beria, longtime head of the NKVD and many others, Edward Shevardnadze, the Soviet Union’s last Foreign Minister and the first President of the Government of the independent Georgia that separated from the Soviet Union in 1990.

George Bush took a keen interest in Georgia, which is on Russia’s southern border, but on the opposite side of the planet from the U.S., early in his Presidency and in Mikhail Saakashvili. Under Bush’s direction the U.S. provided major military arms and training for Georgia. It persuaded, or paid Georgia which had no interest in Iraq to send 2000 troops to there, a number exceeded only by the U.S. and U.K. It trained and supported the Georgian troops for duty in Iraq. Saakashvili, a U.S. law school graduate, to quote the New York Times “…positioned himself to become one of the world’s most strident critics of the Kremlin” and with the strong support from the U.S. he was elected President of Georgia.

The U.S. helped them militarize what had been a weak Georgian state. The Pentagon helped overhaul Georgia’s military forces, train its commanders and staff officers. U.S. marine strained Georgian soldiers in the fundamentals of battle. The forces were equipped with Israeli and U.S. firearms, reconnaissance drones and other sophisticated equipment, including anti aircraftweaponry. That the U.S. trained and equipped Georgian forces fled in the face of Russian forces should have told us something about the U.S. training and equipping of foreign militaries.

All this U.S. support and manipulation was with the public goal, urged by George Bush, of making remote Georgia, though a thousand miles from Europe across the Black Sea and Russia, member of NATO and placing Abkhazia and South Ossetia under Georgian control by force.

As in most matters in which George Bush takes aggressive action, oil is a factor in some form. Georgia has made itself available for a pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Azerbaijan then across Georgia to the Black Sea, a major Bush goal, carrying oil from Azerbaijan and former Soviet Republics in Central Asia, produced in large part by U.S. oil companies, to Western markets by-passing Russia. Western Europe shared this U.S. interest.

President Bush visited Georgia in 2005, the first U.S. President to do so. Condoleeza Rice visited while National Security Advisor to Bush and since. Saakashvili has been a frequent guest at the White House and in the Washington corridors of power.

It is George Bush’s enticement and incitement of Georgia that created the present crisis. We have not been told what has been paid Georgia for it.

Suppose NATO had agreed to Georgia membership before Georgia invaded South Ossetia, as the U.S. urged. NATO would have been bound by mutual defense pact to defend Georgia as a Member. NATO, a Cold War creation, which includes all the former colonial powers, should be abolished. The U.S. persuaded NATO to share blame for its assaults that balkanized Yugoslavia which was created to end centuries of violence in the Balkans through unity. It tried to persuade NATO to join in its wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. It nearly succeeded in Georgia.

The U.S. has a major military airbase in Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet Republic to Russia’s south and more than 1500 miles east of Georgia which is used to bomb Afghanistan. The U.S. has surrounded Russia with military bases from the Baltic states south across its western border with Europe then east for more than 2500 miles to its borders with Xinjiang Province in western China and Mongolia.

Now we can see the hypocrisy of the U.S. calling NATO into emergency session to address the Georgia crisis with false claims made repeatedly about the ceasefire and withdrawal terms negotiated by President Sarkozy of France, only to back down from all its threats and demands for action after fomenting international friction on false pretenses. The world cannot be made safe for hypocrisy, or mendacity.

It is noteworthy that Georgia is within one hundred miles of the border of Iran across Armenia. While George Bush vigorously protests Russian confrontation with Georgian troops which invaded South Ossetia, he has continued his threatening of Iran with a war of aggression for its alleged but unproven efforts to achieve nuclear weapons capability while he engages in a huge U.S. expenditure for new nuclear weapons. The U.S. now has its largest Naval presence in the Gulf region since the Gulf war, pointed toward Iran. The probability that President Bush will cause Israel and the U.S. to attack Iranian nuclear facilities plants during his remaining months in office remains high. Such an attack would violate the Nuremberg Charter and Article 56 of Protocol 1 Additional to the Geneva Convention 1979, which protects “Works and Installations Containing Dangerous Forces,” including nuclear facilities, from attack, because of the “consequent severe losses among the civilian population” from the blast and radiation.

As Bush’s crimes grow, so does our responsibility to act. Please bring your friends and family members into the impeachment movement by sending them to and make a donation today so that the movement to Impeach and Indict Bush and Cheney will keep growing. Click this link to make your donation.

Ramsey Clark
August 22, 2008

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The Right to Pollution-Free Air

Posted by terres on August 11, 2008

The Right to Clean Air IS a fundamental Human Right!

Original Entry:

Stop Polluting Our Air!

I need clean air! Why are you arresting me? (Photo AFP). Image may be subject to copyright.

[I’ll give you clean air, you basta*d!] Police restrain a protester in front of the gates of Kingsnorth Power Station near Rochester in Kent, southeast England August 9, 2008. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor. Image may be subject to copyright.

See Fair Use Notice!

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It’s 4th of July!

Posted by terres on July 4, 2008

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It’s the Independence Day again and what have we done?

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Why is Google Allowed to Operate Against the US Constitution?

Posted by terres on June 16, 2008

The Human Rights of an Octogenarian Chinese Woman

Google has effectively blocked the following posts from its search engines:

Deceased: Yin Ping Yang, 80, was fatally attacked at her home. She was the second of three Asians murdered in Auckland, New Zealand, the Valley of Death, in one week.

Brave New Zealanders Bash Octogenarian Chinese Woman to Death and

New Zealand Racist Storm Worse Than China Quake at

New Zealand: Plumbing the Depth of Depravity

Google Censorship is a Flagrant Violation of Our Freedom of Speech!

Freedom of speech is being able to speak freely without censorship. The United States Constitution protects opinions under inalienable 1st Amendment free speech rights.

The right to freedom of speech is also guaranteed under international law through numerous human-rights instruments, notably under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

How much longer is Google allowed to continue its censorship in violation of the United States Constitution and the international law?

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Corporatocracy killing democracy!

Posted by terres on May 23, 2008

Corporatocracy turns its sights on last remaining pillars of democracy

by Malcolm Martin

The children are taught that the United States of America is a democracy. As the tale is told, at the founding of the nation, a government “of, by, and for the people” was established. […]

Then there is consolidation by vertical integration and its heavyweight champion is Wal-Mart, the world’s largest corporation. Wal-Mart has made a partner of the Chinese government. Working together, the partners have turned China into a vast subsistence-wage labor camp. […]

f you watch FOX, the reality is filtered through Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp, NBC is General Electric news, CNN is Time/Warner news, ABC brings you into Disney’s world, and Viacom regularly checks the iconic CBS news department to make sure Edward R. Murrow is still dead and buried under a mountain of infotainment. That is when Viacom is not preparing America’s youth for slavery and death through MTV and B.E.T. […]

The corporations have begun forming their own Praetorian Guard. The massacre of Iraqi civilians and the patrolling of the hurricane ravaged streets of New Orleans have made Blackwater Worldwide, formerly Blackwater USA, the most famous of the rising corporate armies. […] Read More …

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China Quake: Why Was the Girl Removed from Family?

Posted by feww on May 23, 2008

Why was the Wenchuan girl photographed below separated from her parents? Where is she now?

[Why is this girl being taken away?] “A girl waves goodbye to her parents as she is airlifted out of the earthquake-hit city of Wenchuan, Sichuan province May 22, 2008. REUTERS/Reinhard Krause (CHINA)” (Image may be subject to copyright. See RTSF Fair Use Notice!)

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China Dead and Missing Nos Climb, Again!

Posted by terres on May 22, 2008

80,000 people are dead or missing in China’s earthquake, 300,000 injured

The government’s figure for the dead is 51,000 with 29,000 missing. It’s not known how many survivors were rescued from the rubble. In Beichuan county, about two-thirds of the population were killed.

[You Killed My Baby!] “A mother gestures as she confronts Zhu Qi (R), education dean of Mianyang city, while she and more than 100 parents attend a memorial service for their dead children at the destroyed Fuxing Primary School in the earthquake-hit Wufu town of Mianzhu county, Sichuan province May 21, 2008.” REUTERS/Jason Lee. (Image may be subject to copyright. See RTSF Fair Use Notice!)

A mother holding a portrait of her dead son confronts Zhu Qi (L), education dean of Mianyang city, as she and more than 100 parents attend a memorial service at the destroyed Fuxing Primary School in the earthquake-hit Wufu town of Mianzhu county, Sichuan province May 21, 2008. Parents said their children died unnecessarily because of the bad quality of the school’s classrooms. REUTERS/Jason Lee (CHINA). (Image may be subject to copyright. See RTSF Fair Use Notice!)

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Google Gag

Posted by terres on May 22, 2008

Haunted by Big, Bad Google

The blog moderators condemn Google Inc in the strongest possible terms for content censorship. Google search engines permanently or periodically exclude specific posts, contents or information from the blogs thereby abridging the freedom of speech.

Google Inc poses a clear and present danger to freedom of speech. To minimize this threat, we urge those of the lawmakers who still believe in the Constitution to break up Google into smaller units.

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