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Fighting the UN Racism Forum

Posted by terres on April 19, 2009

Zionist governments of Australia and the Netherlands join other Zionists to boycott UN conference on racism

The Zionist governments of Australia and the Netherlands have joined the US, Israel and Canada in boycotting the UN conference on racism held in Geneva. The Zionist government of UK is sending a delegation, without any  senior official.

A protester holds a banner during a demonstration against racism in Geneva April 18, 2009. The Durban Review Conference, which will review progress and assess implementation of the Durban Declaration and Program of Action, will be held at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva from April 20 to 24, 2009. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse. Image may be subject to copyright.

In the last major race summit in 2001, the United States and Israel walked out of the South African meeting held in Durban after Arab states attempted to define Zionism as racist.

The U.S. State Department said it finds the  language in the meeting’s draft declaration “objectionable.”

In reality, Israel has forbidden the Obama administration even to participate in the preparations for the “Durban II” forum, let alone to attend the conference.

“With regret, the United States will not join the review conference,” the State Department spokesman Robert Wood was reported as saying.

The Zionist government of Canada said it will not go to the forum because it fears  repeat of the “Israel-bashing” that occurred at Durban in 2001.

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Did ‘Canada’ pay …?

Posted by terres on October 20, 2008

The following excerpts are from

My Canada includes rights of Indigenous Peoples. Love it or leave it eh? Peace.

Did Canada pay …?

I sold my land, we signed all the papers, but the buyer never paid me! Now he’s building on my land saying he has the ‘papers’ and claiming he owns it!

Ridiculous! you say? Not in Canada! you say? Wait …

The settlement of any land claim involves establishing the validity of historical documents – proclamations, treaties, surrenders, sales, leases, etc. Sometimes, wandering around in these discussions and the fancy words in the documents, people lose sight of the big picture:

What if the documents are all in order but Canada simply did not pay the costs associated with the agreements?

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