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Quotes of the week: Britain, Nigeria, Egypt

Posted by terres on November 3, 2008

Execution of Jean Charles de Menezes by British Secret Police

“I would like to say that on whether I heard anything from police officers, I am very, very clear. I had absolutely no idea who they were and had they shouted I would have latched on to that … I felt they [UK’s Special Branch] were a bit out of control, that’s what it felt like.” Anna Dunwoodie, a commuter who witnessed how the British secret police executed Jean Charles de Menezes in London on 22 July 2005.

Nigeria’s Share Fever

“They were all talking money money money … It was the thought of losing the whole thing and owing all that money that made me get out” ~ A Nigerian investor, on how the stock market doubled in value in a matter of weeks, before it crashed in March 2008.

Power and Poverty in Egypt

“Go anywhere in Egypt and you’ll discover the kind of poverty that the majority are suffering. We have serious problems meeting even the basic needs for survival.” ~ Abdul Galil Mustafa, a member of Egypt’s Kefaya opposition party

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