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Time to Abolish the War Racket

Posted by terres on February 6, 2009

More soldiers Committed Suicide than Killed in Combat

The Army has released figures showing as many as 24 soldiers may have committed suicide in January 2009. [Only five soldiers committed suicide in January 2008.]

The suicide count for last month, if confirmed, would exceed the number US soldiers killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan in the same period.

“In January, we lost more soldiers to suicide than to Al Qaeda,” said Paul Rieckhoff, executive director for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. “If we lost this many soldiers to an enemy weapon, the entire country would know about it and we would demand defensive measures.”

The Suicide rate among soldiers rose for the fourth consecutive year in 2008, with at least 128 soldiers killing  themselves last year (compared to a previous record of 115 in 2007). With an additional 15 deaths suspected as suicides, the toll for 2008 could reach 143.

“The Army said the figures equal a rate of 20.2 suicides for every 100,000 soldiers. That is higher than the last available civilian rate of 19.5 suicides per 100,000 people with similar age and demographic backgrounds, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported for 2005.” Reuters reported.

The U.S. Marine Corps reported a 24 percent increase in suicides among the Marines, a total of 41 cases in 2008, up from 33 in 2007.

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