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Israel: World’s Worst Terrorist State

Posted by terres on February 22, 2010

Israeli immigration officials copied British passports used by hit squad, ministers told

Israeli immigration officials at Tel Aviv airport secretly copied the British passports which were then used by the hit squad which assassinated a leading Hamas official, ministers have been told.

By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor Daily Telegraph
Published: 9:00PM GMT 20 Feb 2010

The six British citizens whose identities were stolen and used by the killers all had their passports taken away from them briefly during routine checks at the airport, it has been claimed.

The revelation by diplomatic sources that the Foreign Office has been told that the passports were copied by Israeli officials is the first time Israel’s involvement has been directly alleged.

It will put further pressure on the Israeli government which has been at the centre of a growing diplomatic storm over its possible involvement in the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai last month.

Diplomatic sources say ministers have been briefed that the passport fraud was committed by immigration officials who stopped the British nationals, who all now live in Israel, as they went through the airport during recent trips.

The passport numbers were taken, most likely by photocopy, and then used to create new documents which were used by the hit squad.

The identities of French, German and Irish citizens were also used.

The suspects used fake passports bearing their own pictures, but the names and numbers of the innocent Europeans.

All six British passports were not biometric, which means they did not have a computer chip embedded in them and so the fraud would have been relatively straightforward, experts believe.

The revelation will put further pressure on Israel to come clean about what it knows following widespread speculation about the involvement of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, in the killing, although other organisations have not been ruled out.

Mabhouh was one of the founders of Hamas’s military wing and has been wanted by Israel for his role in the 1989 kidnapping and killing of two Israeli soldiers on leave.

He was murdered in a Dubai hotel room in January after an elaborate plot involving at least 11 assassins, including at least one woman, posing as tourists, with some wearing wigs and false beards.

Six holders of British passports, three with Irish documents, one with a German passport and another with a French passport made up the hit team.

David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, held talks with the Israeli ambassador to London, Ron Prosor, last week as the row threatened to escalate into a major diplomatic crisis.

He denied that the Government was merely “going through the motions” and described the use of fake British passports in the assassination as an “outrage”.

But the Foreign Office said it was too early to speculate on who could have carried out the identity theft.

Michael Levi, a professor of criminology at Cardiff University and an expert on identity theft, said the passports would not have been difficult to tamper with.

He said: “The sort of organisation that can pull off a hit like that will be able to make those sort of changes to a passport.”

The Conservative leader, David Cameron, said Israel must provide assurances that it would never sanction the use of UK papers in operations by its secret service.

He also called for answers from the Government about when it knew that falsified documents were used in the murder on January 20. Reports last week alleged that ministers may have had a prior tip-off.

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Proetsts Should be Sent to the Local  Senior Agent of the Israeli Establishment:

Express your disgust to

In Great Britain:  David Miliband
In France: Nicolas Sarkozy
In Germany: Angela Merkel
In Ireland:  Mark “to whom it may concern” and send it top the President’s office.

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Why Polanski Should Be Castrated

Posted by terres on September 28, 2009

Submitted by a reader

There must come a time when the same laws that apply to 99.99 percent of the population should also apply to wealthy Jewish celebrities

There are six compelling reasons Why Roman Polanski should be castrated:

  1. He is a pedophile
  2. He’s a rapist
  3. He still believes raping minors is no big deal
  4. A wealthy celebrity from the  superior jewish culture [sic,] he believes that he is above reproach, and that the laws of the ordinary, “un-chosen,” people do NOT apply to him; he believes he is  entitled to rape anyone, of any age, at anytime, when he so chooses.
  5. He and his cohorts have humiliated all law-abiding people , not just in the US, but throughout the world.
  6. He has probably raped more minors since, and would probably continue to do so, one way or another, until his death bed.

Director Roman Polanski presents the Grand Prix award during the Palme d’Or Closing Ceremony at the Palais des Festivals during the 61st International Cannes Film Festival on May 25, 2008 in Cannes, France. Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe. Image may be subject to copyright.

Polish Vote:

What made Roman Polanski’s arrest even more interesting, was the news that Poland’s lower house of parliament, the Sejm, had just approved a law that allows for the chemical castration of pedophiles.

The vote to approve an amendment to the penal code — allowing those convicted of raping children under the age of 15, or close family members — was almost unanimous, with the Earth Times confirming that the numbers were 400-1 in favor of the amendment, although the BBC says that three of the members present did not vote for the

The Polish Senate is also expected to approve the new law.

Drafted by Law and Justice, a conservative party which holds the second highest number of seats in the Sejm and the Senate, and a grouping of left-wing parties, the law is said to enjoy the support of the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

“Those attempting to groom a child under 15 over the Internet would be subject to the same punishment.”

In the U.S. several states have the legal option to impose sentences that include chemical castration; in some cases the castration is mandatory.

Who Mr Polanski is and what he actually did:

  • Mr Polanski a Polish-born French citizen.
  • He is a pedophile, and rapist.
  • Mr Polanski drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl in 1977.
  • He was indicted on six counts, including rape of  a minor, and faced life imprisonment.
  • He fled the US to escape justice and has not set foot in the country for about 31 years.
  • Mr Polanski is a wealthy Jewish celebrity.
  • Mr Polanski was probably involved in the death of his own wife, Sharon Tate.
  • Mr Polanski is also a victim of misinformation.

Mr Polanski was brought up to believe he was superior to the non-jewish persons. His rabbi told him he could treat the non-Jews as dirt, and he does not have to answer to anyone, not even ‘god.’  And that’s exactly what he did.

There are three ‘super-Jews’ who are up in arms defending a confessed child rapist:

  1. Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.
  2. The French President (and Israel’s special agent) Nicolas Sarkozy
  3. French foreign minister (and Israel’s special agent) Bernard Kouchner

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