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Indian Police Murders Unarmed Man in Custody

Posted by terres on August 15, 2009

This is the police; bang, bang, you’re dead!

Indian Police Murders Man in Broad Daylight!

The following photos show Indian police killing a hospital attendant in a market in Imphal, the capital of northeastern state of Manipur,  on the border with Myanmar (Burma).

The police had originally claimed that they shot dead Chongkham Sanjit, 27, after he fired on them as they chased him through the market, on July 23.

The Manipur police alleged that they had found a 9mm Mauser pistol on the dead man, whom they said was a member of an illegal group.

These photos, published by the investigative magazine, Tehelka, however show the special police force apprehending an unarmed Mr Sanjit, frisking him and taking him into a pharmacy as one of the  policemen reaches for his pistol.

The policemen are then seen dragging out the victim’s corpse and loading it on to the back of a pickup truck, next to the body of a pregnant woman, who was shot dead in the crossfire of an earlier police shootout.

The apparent summary execution occurred in Imphal, at about 10.30am barely 0.5 km from the state assembly building where the legislators were in secession.

The images may be subject to copyright. The caption were provided by Times Online, UK, with minor editing by Moderator.

Shoot first, don’t worry about answering any question later!

India police 1
Image # 1. Chongkham Sanjit, 27, is arrested by police commandos in a post office in the capital of Manipur, northeast India. The red arrow shows his short journey from arrest to the place of his daylight summary execution.

India Police 2
Image # 2. Mr Sanjit is apparently going willingly with the commandos who have arrested him. He does not appear armed, as was claimed by the officers after his death.

India-police 3
Image # 3. But an officer reaches for his pistol as Mr Sanjit is escorted. They are standing barely 500 meters from the state assembly. [It’s difficult to believe that this PREMEDITATED summary execution,  carried out in apparent cold blood, was anything but a shoot-to-kill policy, procedure which the police was AUTHORIZED  and INSTRUCTED to follow. Moderator.]

India-police 4
Image # 4. Then Mr Sanjit is dragged by the commandos into the pharmacy, where he is apparently killed.

india police 5
Image # 5. Mr Sanjit’s dead body is then thrown into a truck. On the left is the body of a pregnant woman caught in the crossfire of an earlier police shootout.

On behalf of the blog contributors and the readers, the Moderator has sent an email to the Dr Manmohan Singh, the Indian PM, demanding action to bring the criminal police officers to justice for the apparent summary execution of an unarmed man in their custody.

Text of the Blog Moderators message to Dr Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister :

Dear Prime Minister Singh

On behalf of our Human Rights Blog readers, contributors and moderators, I write to express our outrage at the apparent summary execution of an unarmed man by the Indian Police Commandos, while the victim was in their custody, in Imphal, the state of Manipur, on July 23, 2009.

The photographs of this highly distressing execution are posted at our blog Fundamental Human Rights at the following URL:

We anticipate an immediate investigation by your government leading to the arrest and prosecution of the cold-blood murderers.


TERRES, The Blog Moderator

The response, if any, will be posted here later:

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