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More Rape and Torture by British Soldiers

Posted by terres on November 15, 2009

Female British soldiers are accused of aiding in the rape and torture of Iraqi detainees

Phil Shiner, a lawyer representing detainees, has cataloged 33 new cases of abuse,  including rape and torture: Report

Britain probes new claims of abuse by troops in Iraq

By Stefano Ambrogi   –  Sat Nov 14, 2009 11:06am EST – LONDON (Reuters)

…  Independent newspaper reported that Phil Shiner, a lawyer acting for detainees, had catalogued 33 new cases of abuse since the 2003 invasion, including rape and torture.

The paper reported that, for the first time, female soldiers were accused of aiding in the sexual and physical abuse of detainees.

He told the BBC that not all the cases were new and “that about seven have come in within the last month.

In one case, soldiers are accused of piling Iraqi prisoners on top of each other and subjecting them to electric shocks, the Independent reported.

The paper compared it to the abuse at the notorious U.S. detention center at Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison.

One abuse claim relates to a 16-year-old boy who says he was raped by two British soldiers while he was in custody in 2003. Others say they were stripped naked, abused and photographed.

A public inquiry is already under way into the death of an Iraqi civilian, Baha Mousa, who died in British custody in Basra in 2003 after sustaining 93 separate injuries to his body.

Shiner, who is representing Mousa’s family, told the BBC he believed “there are hundreds of cases that are going uninvestigated.”

“It is very important now that there should be no further attempt by this government and the MoD to sweep this under the carpet — the ‘few bad apples’ thesis does not work,” he told the BBC. More…

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