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Posted by terres on May 2, 2009

Iran hangs young female offender

Iran has hanged a juvenile female offender after six years in prison following a conviction for murder, her lawyer said.

Delara Darabi, 23, was hanged on Friday in a prison in Rasht in the absence of her family or legal representation added Mohammad Mostafaei.

She was only 17 when she committed her crime, making her a juvenile.

The sentence has prompted condemnation from international human rights groups.

Mostafaei said the execution was a violation of Iranian law which bans the execution of a criminal in the absence of the lawyer.

He also said execution of juvenile offenders was a “gross violation of international law” and a “flagrant breach of Iran’s international obligations and commitments”.

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‘Save me’

[From BBC] The head of the Iranian judiciary recently granted a two-month stay of execution.

But according to her lawyer this order was simply disregarded by the prison authorities, who provided no notice of the execution.

The BBC’s Jon Leyne in Tehran says that early on Friday morning Delara Darabi made a desperate phone call to her parents, saying she could see the hangman’s noose.

“Mother they are going to execute me, please save me,” she said.

Who’s Delara Darabi

[From Wikipedia] Delara Darabi (September 29, 1986 – May 1, 2009), was an Iranian woman executed after being convicted of murdering her father’s cousin. She was allegedly 17 years old when the murder took place. Darabi initially confessed to the crime, but later denied committing it. The victim, who was stabbed to death, was the mother of three children.

She was born in city of Rasht (Province of Gilan), where she was a high-school student before her arrest. She had three sisters.

According to Delara, the murder of her father’s female cousin was committed by the 19 year old boyfriend, with whom she was in love. Delara Darabi initially confessed to the murder, but soon retracted her confession. She claims that Amir Hossein asked her to admit responsibility for the murder to protect him from execution, believing that as she was under the age of 18, she could not be sentenced to death.

Delara Darabi was sentenced to death by a lower court in the northern city of Rasht. The sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court. She maintained her innocence, and claimed that she was under the influence of sedatives during the burglary. At this stage the Head of the Judiciary had the power to order a stay of execution and a review of the case. Her male friend reportedly received a prison sentence of 10 years for his involvement in the crime.

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