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What happened in Gaza

Posted by edro on January 20, 2009

Gaza looks like a mini Hiroshima after the A-bomb was dropped on it! And we have only seen just the images.

BBC quoted aid agencies saying: ‘The worst-hit areas in the Gaza Strip after Israel’s three-week offensive look as if they have been hit by a strong earthquake.’

Bodies are still being recovered from neighborhoods that have been completely destroyed; stench of death fills the air.

More than 50,000 Palestinians are now homeless and up to ½ million are without running water.

Palestinian medical sources say at least 1,300 Palestinians were killed and 5,500 injured during the conflict. Ten Israeli soldiers were killed, most of them by friendly fire.  Three Israeli ‘civilians’ were reportedly died, too.

at least 4,000 building were completely destroyed and more than 20,000 severely damaged, including hospitals, food and medical warehouse, UN compounds, schools, a university, government building, infrastructure such as power generators and sewage treatment units, and mosques.

“The director of operations in Gaza for UNRWA, the UN relief agency, John Ging, said most important now was how to get basic supplies into the territory.” BBC reported.

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