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Bail Out the People, Not the Banks!

Posted by terres on December 19, 2008

Support Steve Millies
Defend the Right to Demand “Bail Out the People, Not the Banks!”

This Shoe is For Your

Wall Street & MTA: “This Shoe is for You!”

Yesterday, activists from the Bail Out the People Movement attended the MTA board meeting to protest proposed draconian budget cuts and fare hikes.  The increase in subway & bus fares, layoffs, and service cuts are all going to fatten the coffers of Wall Street Bankers – the same bankers who have received hundreds of billions of dollars in bailout money.

Steve Millies, a long time activist, took the podium at the meeting and denounced the MTA as “a collection agency for the biggest banks and insurance companies,” and said that the budget should be “thrown in the garbage can.”

Today’s New York Times reports:

“We don’t need any fare increases and we don’t need our transit system ravaged either,” said Mr. Millies, who said he was an Amtrak signal-tower operator and a member of the Bail Out the People Campaign, a group that has stood up for victims of the economic crisis. He called for the subway and bus fare to be reduced to $1, to help unemployed New Yorkers.

Then, referring to the authority’s chief executive, who was sitting about 15 feet away, he said: “Where is Elliot Sander?” He stooped, slipped off one of his shoes and shouted, “You made $300,000 last year.”

Immediately, authority police officers swarmed him and pushed him out of the room. He was clutching his shoe, a black, thick-soled oxford, in his hand….

“I wanted to show the sole of the shoe as a sign of contempt for someone who makes so much money and yet wants to raise fares on the disabled,” he said. He said that the authority’s plans to more than double the $2 fare for disabled passengers who use the Access-a-Ride service particularly incensed him.

He said the gesture was planned with Muntader al-Zaidi, the Iraqi shoe-thrower, in mind.

“I was very much inspired by that courageous Iraqi journalist who was protesting the occupation of his country by the American and British oil companies and their governments,” Mr. Millies said.

Mr. Millies said the ticket he was given charged him with “intent to cause a public annoyance.”

“What’s the point of having a public hearing,” he said, “unless you allow people to annoy public officials?”

Activists all around the city and country are applauding Steve Millies. He did what millions of New Yorkers, who are paying more for everything while bankers are being bailed out, would love to do.

Millies reported for work yesterday at AMTRAK, where he has been a union worker for 24 years, and was told by his supervisors to go home because of this incident.

Action Alert:

Here’s how you can help:

  • Please call the NYPD Switchboard at 1-646-610-5000 – demand that the false charges against Steve Millies be dropped.
  • Make a donation online at  Help us defend Steve Millies and continue to organize to demand “Bail Out the People Not the Banks!”

Steve Millies will be one of the many activists and community organizers attending the important January 17 Fightback Conference, held on the weekend of the 80th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 80th birthday. This important conference will include skill sharing, workshops, and planning for direct action and peoples’ intervention against fare hikes, tuition and utility increases, evictions and foreclosures, as we continue to mobilize to demand “Bail Out the People – Not the Banks!”  For information on the conference, go to


Youtube – Ch 11

Say Whatever You Want, but No Throwing Shoes (New York Times):

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Touching your shoes during conference can land you in jail!

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Disgruntled Subway Rider Attempts to Throw Shoe at MTA Boss:

Bail Out The People Movement

55 W. 17th St., 5C, New York, NY 10111

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