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Menezes Inquest: A Sick Legal Farce

Posted by terres on December 12, 2008

submitted by a reader

Menezes verdict choice restricted

“You won’t be able to consider a verdict of unlawful killing,” said the White Rabbit to the jurors.

“Why bother with an inquest, if the end result is decided in advance?” Asked Alice.

Sir Michael [in Wonderland] Wright, the coroner at the three-month-long inquest of Jean Charles de Menezes assassination by British secret police, told the jurors a verdict of unlawful killing was not allowed.

The White Rabbit: “Remember, NO unlawful killing verdict allowed!” Image may be subject to copyright.

The jury was forced to return either an open verdict, or lawful killing.  And they returned an open verdict!

In legal jargon, an”open verdict” means, “cause of death unknown or unstated.” In Menezes “Alice in Wonderland” inquest, it meant “we are not allowed to say the assassination was unlawful killing!”

“Mr Menezes’ family had earlier withdrawn from the inquest after the coroner told the jury they would not be able to return a verdict of unlawful death at the hands of police.

A lawyer for the Menezes family said it was the best verdict they could hope for since jury was not allowed the verdict of  “unlawful killing.”

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