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Is Political Corruption Endemic in Nordic Countries?

Posted by terres on November 23, 2008

An expensive nuclear power station in Finland, a collapsed banking system in Iceland …

Hundreds of demonstrators in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik clashed with police Saturday. They had gathered outside the the police headquarters to demand the release of a fellow protester, Haukur Himarsson, who had been arrested in a demonstration on Friday.

Clad in full riot gear, police used pepper spray to disperse the crowds, injuring at least five demonstrators. Hilmarsson was eventually released.

protesters were injured outside the police headquarters in Reykjavik when police used pepper spray to disperse the demonstrators. (Photo:úlíus). Source. image may be subject to copyright.

The crowd outside the police headquarters were a part of much larger group of about ten thousand demonstrators who had gathered outside parliament to demand the government’s resignation over the handling of the financial crisis.

Saturday protests in front of the  parliament in Reykjavik calling for the government to resign over its handling of the economy are now commonplace. Iceland’s once-flourishing economy came close to a total collapse, and its banking system underwent a meltdown in October. Iceland’s currency, the krona, has lost 50 percent of its value in the past months.

Their Prime Minister Geir Haarde recently told Nordic countries that Iceland needed at least $6bn to stay afloat. The corrupt Icelandic government is borrowing $2.1billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and $2.5 from Denmark and other Nordic countries. The IMF has promised to help the country secure an additional $2 billion.

And once the IMF steps in, you might as well kiss your country, independence and all the good things you once held dear GOOD BYE!

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