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Corn for Food, NOT for Fuel

Posted by terres on April 9, 2008

“We are hungry!”

Food riots have broken out in Port Au Prince, Haiti, due to soaring food prices. The violent clashes that have paralyzed the city left 5 people dead.

In El Salvador, sky-high food prices, especially corn, the staple diet of South America, led to protests. Women took to the streets banging their pots and pans, shouting “we are hungry!” Video report

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Image based on CIA world map showing percentage of population living below their national poverty line. Right click on the image, then click View Image to see original. (Image Credit: user:Sbw01f via Wikimedia; GNU Free Documentation License)

Country In Focus
India: A soul-sick nation with a diseased psyche that spends billions of dollars on its military and nuclear armament, instead of her people!

Democracy and Freedom [sic.] Indian Style: Women washing clothes in a filthy ditch alongside a main road in Mumbai, India. This file is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Brazil License Este arquivo está licenciado sob a Licença Creative Commons Atribuição licença 2.5 Brasil. This photograph was produced by Agência Brasil, a public Brazilian news agency. Their site states: O conteúdo deste site é publicado sob a licença Creative Commons Atribuição 2.5 Brasil (Content of this site is published under the Creative Commons License Attribution 2.5 Brazil)

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Food Riots Grip Egypt, Haiti, El Salvador

12 Responses to “Corn for Food, NOT for Fuel”

  1. Over the years, we’ve been inundated with the statistics and the pictures of poverty around the world-so much so that many people in both the North and South have come to accept it as an unfortunate but unalterable state of affairs. The truth, however, is that things have changed in recent years. The world today is more prosperous than it ever has been. The technological advances we have seen in recent years have created encouraging new opportunities to improve economies and reduce hunger.
    This will help all you people on this blog to do something along with the United Nations in your locality.
    Check this

  2. feww said

    Ayesha Lakhani

    Are you an employee of End Poverty 2015, a pathological liar, or does the chutzpah come naturally?

    “The things” have indeed changed in the recent years and that’s why people are getting themselves killed rioting because they can’t afford the sky-rocketing food prices.

    If you double the daily income of the poor from $1 to $2 per day, but quadruple the food prices, they end up being twice worse off. [And that’s exactly what’s happening now!]

    Will the extreme poverty be halved, or better still totally eradicated by 2015? Of course it will [sic.] The poor will be left to starve to death!

    “all you people on this blog” will reconsider the UN claims about reducing poverty, if all of the [over-] paid employees of the United Nations (the SG, directors, commissioners, ambassadors, lawyers, accountants …) donated 50 percent of their 2008 income to the world’s poor.

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  11. Rick Deters said

    I’m a farmer and have been one for more than fifty years. My father and grandfather were farmers. We raised grains ,corn,milo,oats,soybeans,and wheat. We fed the feed grains to animals (corn,oats,milo,and soybeans). We produced meats,milk,and eggs to feed the people and ourselves. We used gasoline and diesel to power the equipment. We didn’t have ethanol then and we DO NOT need it today. The wdorld has plenty of oil and coal to fuel the equipment to grow the produce. Ever try to eat oil? It cost too much to covert corn to fuel. So feed it and refine oil into diesel and gas and cut the nonsense. There is no man made green house effects. The global warmer is a natural occurence. It happens in cycles just as seasons change but over longer periods of time. Its all part of our creation and God’s Divine plan. Obey God’s laws and live for him. Thats why he (God) created us and the universe to Glorify Him and live in eternity with Him.He Does not need us but more important he Wants us! Thanks for taking the time to read my short responses! Rick!

    Moderator’s REPLY:

    Rick, in what part of his “Divine plan” did “God” write: “Abuse thy land. Torch it, scorch it and otherwise destroy the land that feeds you!”

    What sort of “God” would want to live in eternity with a bunch of aggressive “apes” who systematically murder, rape and oppress each other?

    IF there was a “God,” and IF he had “laws” surely the first law would have been Thou shall NOT kill the land and oceans that feed them!”

    Humans had a chance to evolve, but 99.9999 percent of them just couldn’t hack it.

    To update yourself on how close human are to extinction, please visit

  12. Rick Deters said

    God’s first law is to love him with thy whole heart they soul and thy mind above all things. then to love thy neighbor as thyself for the love of him. God judges us after our death then he sends thee unjust to the abyss of eternal suffering.He did not have in his divine plan to destroy the land and oceans. Man does that of his own free will.There is a God and he teaches this in his church.God gave us the land to live on and to pass to eternity. Our souls are immortal. Our bodies are mortal and return to dust when we die to rise again on the last day which he has chosen to take place. Denying God’s exitence is deny truth.Humans do not evolve. Evolution is the world’s way of being disobedient to God’s Law.You need to study the true faith that God has gifted to mankind. Thank you!

    [If humans did not evolve, how did they manage to invent languages? When in your opinion did the world come into existence? Moderator]

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